Tiktok is what businesses do not know. There are many advantages and you can get into the game! Curl tail culture
Curly tail 2020-11-27 17:05:07

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Since the tiktok launched the selection alliance platform. , Many businesses cooperate with anchors and experts , Businesses have increased product sales , Expanded brand exposure and visibility , And Da Ren realized the flow realization , Mutual benefit , A win-win result has been achieved . But what tiktok is also home furnishing is unknown. ? Let's share the ending culture , What is the selection alliance ? What benefits can it bring to the businessmen ?

What is the tiktok selection alliance? ?

Selection alliance is a platform to link merchants and talents at the same time , You can think of him as a commodity bank . Businesses can upload their products to it , And with the goods of the anchorperson can take out the products inside to promote sales .

When businesses upload products , According to their own cost and profit margin , Then set up the appropriate Commission , To attract the anchors and experts to help them with the goods ; And the anchor who has the qualification to bring goods , There is a lot of traffic , They want to cash in on traffic , Carrying goods is also a more straightforward way , After the selection alliance product library selects the satisfied product , You can create a shared video , When an order is generated, it can earn the corresponding Commission .

What are the benefits of merchants entering the selection alliance ?

Greater promotion efforts : One's influence is limited , But a group of people is different . And has the qualification of anchor with goods , Fan traffic will not be very small , They helped the merchant to bring the goods , The product will add countless exposures , Promotion efforts and influence are very large .

Lower promotion cost : In other e-commerce platforms , A paid promotion costs money , The effect is not necessarily good . But businesses that join the select League , Just provide the corresponding Commission , It's not like inviting stars and famous anchors to bring goods , There is also an expensive pit cost to be paid . After sharing , No orders were generated , The merchant doesn't need to give commission .

Easier to create a hit : Tiktok platform to improve the efficiency of business and master's cooperation , It also launched a series of exclusive programs , for example : Common plan 、 Exclusive Program 、 Targeted planning 、 Recruitment plan 、 Queqiao project, etc . Businesses use these plans , The effect of carrying goods will be better , And the whole network adults take goods together to form a marketing matrix , Easy to build .

Businesses will have more energy to optimize their stores : If the merchants bring their own goods , It's not just about managing the store 、 Order 、 deliver goods 、 After sales and so on , I also need to make products and share videos , Otherwise, there is no traffic . If there is no team of small and medium-sized businesses , It will be very tiring to operate , Businesses don't have the extra energy to run their stores . But after joining the select League , The task of bringing goods and making short videos can be handed over to the host , Businesses can have more energy and time to manage their stores , Planning some stores to get , Discount or something .

therefore , There are so many benefits to joining the select League , What are you still hesitating about ? There are goods and promotion needs of businesses to move quickly ! Volume tail culture has official authorization qualification , Invite quota can be used to assist businesses to settle in , If you don't meet the entry requirements or have any questions about the selection alliance, you can contact us .

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