Tiktok reliable wedding wedding?
Thinking and thinking 2020-11-27 17:04:58

In the second half of the Internet, where traffic dividends are disappearing , The new traffic brought by short video has become a competition among all parties 、 A new battlefield of deep cultivation .

More and more people are trying to cash in on short videos , However, the reality is not as rich as the ideal .

When you've been working hard for a month shooting clips , Issued 20 One video, but the only fan of the account is your dad 、 Your father 、 Your brother 、 After your trumpet , You start to doubt life , I feel very depressed and troublesome at this time. I hope someone can help you , You think of acting as a carrier, but , How to choose the right agent operating company , This is tiktok account growth stage.

Wedding wedding industry tiktok operation general , Each voice account has tiktok growth stage. , Mainly divided into novice period 、 Growth and maturity , Many accounts are dead in the novice period . Let's briefly analyze and share the account information of several periods .

Number of fans in novice account :<1W Tiktok account or not

Monthly average contribution of account number :< 15 Monthly average interaction rate :<1.50%

If you are in line with : I haven't heard any tiktok before. , Or tiktok related account operation experience .

So you need :

1、 Tiktok first, what is the jitter? , Tiktok platform familiar with the relevant rules , What content does the platform advocate .

2、 Clear brand positioning , Know who you're selling what to .

3、 Tiktok account content determination , Planning account post content , Tiktok: what accounts do you want to make on the flick? .

Growing period

Number of fans :1W~5W

Monthly average contribution of account number :15~30 the

Monthly average interaction rate of account :1.50%~2.35%

If you are in line with : Already know the selling point of their products , And there is a corresponding content release plan .

So you need : Content based operation , Cooperate with certain operation skills , Accumulate fans .

mature period

Number of fans :>5W

Monthly average contribution of account number :> 30 the

Monthly average interaction rate of account :> 2.35%

If you meet, there is already a high quality content release , And it attracted a certain degree of fans . Then you need to analyze the content of the publication , Keep good content going , Meanwhile, we should use tiktok company's products. , Optimize the effect . If you want to know more , Understand the agent operation service of account , Please add wechat /QQ:2696584379, Or telephone 010-86399611, We provide you with the best service .

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