Will the master tiktok take the initiative to bring me the goods? How to operate it? Curl tail culture
Curly tail 2020-11-27 16:51:59

from “ The new retail ” Smart retail from the beginning to today , Big enterprises are doing like a raging fire . however , Most retail enterprises, especially small and medium-sized retailers, do not enjoy the dividend of the times , Instead, they were thrown farther because they couldn't keep up with the pace . And the tiktok alliance gives the small and medium retailers an opportunity. , After successfully joining , There will be full platform experts to take the initiative to bring goods for you , Get a lot of traffic exposure .


Selection alliance is to build a win-win selection library for merchants and talents , After merchants successfully join the selection alliance through conditions , merchants Set the product reasonable Commission added to select alliance merchandise Library , For talent selection and promotion .

Online selection of talent self-serving goods , After trial , Make product sharing video Or live delivery . After the order is generated , The platform settles with merchants or talents on schedule , Pure Commission mode , Effectively protect the interests of both sides .


Join the tiktok selection alliance conditions

1、 Businesses have settled in the shop and have opened a shop in the shop ;

2、 The business account can be used normally and the business status of the shop is normal business ;

3、 Store experience score is higher than ( contain )4 branch , New business ( Successfully settled in 60 Business within days ) Time sharing without experience , No assessment for the time being .

4、 Close to shops 365 There is no violation shop within days 《 Rules of information processing for publishing circumvention 》、《 Management rules for business violations 》 A record of being punished according to the rules .

5、 Other small store accounts of the actual controller of the merchant store account , Not punished by small shops for specific serious violations , There is no serious threat to transaction security .

6、 Shops need to upload brand qualification according to different store types , And guarantee the authenticity of brand qualification 、 Compliance , Link integrity , Reference resources 《 Shop type and naming rules 》.


Be careful : Each business has and only 3 Opportunity of opening selected Alliance , If it's shut down by the system 3 Time , The merchant will never be able to apply for opening the selection alliance .


Therefore, there is no business with insufficient experience and qualification , We must not open it blindly , Don't waste the opportunity , Last but not forever . The best way is to choose a reliable service provider , One stop opening + Later operation guidance , At the same time, it avoids the danger of being dismissed .

For example, curl tail culture , There are not only exclusive green channels for rapid entry , There is also a range of value-added services ( Product material shooting 、 Own talents and goods 、 Platform ranking optimization 、 Live special activities, etc ), Let the businessmen have no worries after settling down .

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