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For the tiktok shop and select Alliance , I believe that both businessmen and experts have heard of it . Because the tiktok is currently improving its own e-commerce function. , These two platforms are all the functions of carrying tiktok to attract merchants to enter. . Businesses that tiktok and select alliances can fully utilize the platform's traffic. , Achieve brand communication 、 Purpose of improving sales volume and flow realization .

But tiktok and master league are not enough for many businessmen. , Volume tail culture sorts out some common questions about small shops and selection alliance , The answer is given , Come and see if your problem can be solved here .

Where can the products of small shops be displayed ?

Tiktok is the platform under the byte system. , Everybody knows that , And the byte system has headlines 、 watermelon 、 Volcanoes, etc APP. After the business is settled in the tiktok shop , Bind the accounts of other platforms , You can show your products at the same time . The promotion method has micro headlines 、 video ( Long / short )、 live broadcast 、 Articles, etc , Spend a channel of money , At the same time, it has four promotion channels , It's very cost-effective .

The difference between tiktok shop and window ?

A small shop is equivalent to a shop , Similar to Taobao , Only those who have business license have the qualification to open small shop ; And shopping cart and window is to meet the conditions of the individual can open , You can add vibrato tiktok to your video and personal homepage to earn commission. .

How to add products to the tiktok select Alliance ?

Merchants can see the button to add goods in the background of the selection alliance , Direct release of products , Set up Commission , Just fill in the product description . When we released the video with goods , Click Add tag — goods — Choose to add selected products in the alliance and confirm .

How much is the security of tiktok shop? ?

The specific amount of the deposit should be determined according to the commodity category . Some categories are several thousand yuan , Some categories cost tens of thousands , If there are more than one category , According to the category of the highest entry charge .

Can you send video without goods after opening the window ?

Of course you can , But we need to send videos about products every week 3 More than .

Will the voice sharing product be closed after tiktok's sharing? ?

In the following points will be closed : No product sharing for two weeks ; The store DSR Below industry average ; Moving video content from other channels ; Obvious advertising behavior .

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