Movie Red Fox scholar investment share which company? How much is the production cost? How many copies do you subscribe for?

This film is the successor of Anle film 《 Catching demons 》 After a series of , Open up new stories again in the realm of fantasy 、 Shaping new roles , Reliable team , The quality will not be bad ; At the same time, the main characters and supporting roles are very powerful , This is also hanikiz's big screen debut , Curious about her performance .

Movie basic information :
· The movie : Red fox scholar
· Other translations : The spring river and the moon
· Film type : fantasy / Ancient costume / comedy
· Production company : Wuxi Jiaxiong Film Co., Ltd 、 Beijing Baima time pictures 、 Happiness ( Beijing )、 Anle film 、 Gravitation a 、 Chinese image ( Beijing ) Pictures, 、 Tiktok culture ( Xiamen )
· The director : Song Haolin 、 Eric
· The writers : Ran Ping 、 Ran Jianan 、 Yang Weiwei
· starring : Chen Li Nong 、 Li now
· Release time :2020 year 12 month 4 Japan

Film investment in the selection of film and television projects , The market for film projects needs to be fully analyzed , Only when the quality of the film project is guaranteed , Have good market potential , It's really a good project to invest in .

Analysis of film and television market :
【1】 The story is novel 、 Unique perspective .
The story starts with the poor scholar Wang Zi who plays by Chen Linong entering Beijing to rush for the examination , Meet fox demon on the way to the exam , Does that sound like it 《 The soul of a beautiful woman 》? in fact 《 Red fox scholar 》 The story is novel 、 Unique perspective , The opposite is true everywhere . And prince into the group CP Not a female ghost, but a male fox demon , He resisted the beauty of lotus essence , But the fox demon who wants to kill himself is his friend , On his way to the exam, he encountered many crises 、 Traps everywhere , We have to face the threat of monsters like frog spirit . The reverse story will continue to produce a sense of freshness , The audience follows the prince's perspective in the world 、 The world of Demons , It's going to be an exciting and interesting fantasy trip .
【2】 Fantasy upgrade 、 Special effects .
《 Catching demons 》 Series can be said to be the milestone of domestic fantasy film , Huba has also become a household name . At the back of the production company, Anle pictures and the main creative team once again create a new fantasy world , It's natural to be well prepared 、 as sure as a gun .
【3】 Launch of publicity 、 Heating up .
Part of the movie has been put on tiktok , Caused many bloggers to imitate the clip , Continuous push , Film fever .

Investment advice :
Compared with financial investment , Movies are really less risky . Because of the development of the Internet , On the market 80% All of the above films are not losing money , But any investment is risky , Not all movies make a lot of money , Keep your eyes open before investing , Choose a movie that suits the market , Only by meeting the taste of the public will there be a market for films . This requires
1、 Reliable production company or investment platform
2、 The script and title plate materials that meet the needs of the market
3、 Excellent production team and actors
4、 Excellent publicity team

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