How to invest in the warm embrace of movies? Where do individual investors want to invest?
Director Li, film Consultant 2020-11-27 16:51:54

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Project name : Warm embrace

The director : Chang Yuan

starring : Shen Tang 、 Li Qin 、 Chang Yuan 、 Joshua 、 Ma Li 、 Allen 、 Tian Yu 、 Wang Zhi 、 Wei Xiang 、 Wang Ning 、 Huang Cailun 、 Zhang Yiming 、 Wang Chengsi 、 Zhang Zidong 、 Chen Haoming et al

Main producer : Huayi Brothers , Panning ticket , Happy with the media , Love the United States film and television , To be happy , Unlimited freedom , Yao Lai film and television

Co producers : Qingdao Hanming , Yasi media , Qujiang film and TV , Pingtan likes Dongdong , Chongqing runjinhui , Harmony culture , The sky is full of stars

Release time :2020.12.31

Project introduction :《 Warm embrace 》 About a boy with obsessive-compulsive disorder and cleanliness ( Chang Yuan adorns ), I thought I was an insulator of friendship and love , But when you meet a doctor with a unique style ( Shen Teng ) And the careless and frank girl ( Li Qin plays the role of ) after , There was a love comedy about healing .

Project highlights :

1. starring : Shen Tang 、 Li Qin 、 Chang Yuan 、 Joshua 、 Ma Li 、 Allen 、 Tian Yu 、 Wang Zhi 、 Wei Xiang 、 Wang Ning 、 Huang Cailun 、 Zhang Yiming 、 Wang Chengsi 、 Zhang Zidong 、 Chen Haoming and other actors participated in the performance . The film contains almost half of the comedians in the entertainment industry !

2. Producer Huayi Brothers Vice Chairman 、CEO Wang Zhonglei , Vice president of Huayi Brothers 、 Ye Ning, general manager of Huayi Brothers , Love the United States film and television CEO Ya-ping li , Zhu Weijie, chairman of infinite freedom media, attended the opening ceremony , Escort the film . The film company has exposed the first “ A quilt ” Lead poster . The film will be in 2020 It was shown all over the country .

3. Shen Tang , Mary plays at the box office , There is a tacit understanding between the two ! Charlotte's representative work is upset

4. Li Qin's acting skills have been improved in recent years , Representative work 《 Chinese captain 》《 Celebrate more than 》《 Beginning of the great revival of the party 》《 It's a big smile 》

In recent years , The audience's love for local comedy is gradually increasing , Good comedies are popular in the film market , This time, the comedy group is coming , Will present a unique comedy for the audience .

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