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The movie 《 Red fox scholar 》“ The demons celebrate the new year Smile and tears set off ” The national roadshow is in full swing . Yesterday, , The director Eric 、 Leading actor Chen Li Nong Li now Come to Chengdu, the city of Tianfu , From laughing to crying with the audience , Feel the friendship between the people and the fox brothers . Interestingly , They also introduced themselves in each other's name , It's a tacit understanding to joke with the audience .

Chen Li Nong for Wang Zijin “ Since the black ” Become the most black scholar in history , Li Xian, the most miserable fox demon who is smart but often makes a fool of himself , Shuangshuang breaks the traditional set-up , Hit the super, laugh more . And when they share their most unforgettable emotional drama , Chen Li Nong revealed that he cried to his head , Li now also admits that the part of the lost heart is often filmed overnight , But seeing the audience moved by the feedback , It feels like it's worth it .

The film will be on 12 month 4 It's on all over the country , At present, pre-sale has been opened , Laugh youlei , Happy new year .


The most black scholar encountered the worst fox demon

The director revealed that Chen Linong and Li were laughing a lot on the set

After watching the movie , Some people make fun of Chen Linong “ The most black scholar in history ”. Different from the previous tradition “ an inexperienced youth ” image , The prince went into the dark to be unforgettable . In this regard, Chen Linong recalled that , In order to make Zijin more suitable for his living environment , Makeup teachers use the darkest foundation to paint their faces . What's funny is , It's very cool and sunny , It's also a lot of black , Chen Li Nong is also a black one for his son .

And Li is now sealed “ The worst fox demon in history ”,“ Masochistic ” A lot of action plays . But the director revealed that Li Xian's mantra was “ One more ”, It's also very “ abuse ”. Today, Li also responded on the spot that he was not handsome , Being teased about the Versailles game ,“ I have a sense of the role I can shape , It will affect the consideration of the script , I don't want to be a character who's on the air , Or a more grounded role ”.

In the movie , One man, one fox, adventure , So much fun . The director revealed , Because of film training to shooting , Chen Linong and Li now have become very good friends . There was a scene on the top of a boat , The director let them play freely , The two danced in a tacit agreement , Make the play more vivid and interesting .


Joy decompresses There are also moving moments

Chen Linong and Li Xian talk about the most unforgettable crying drama

《 Red fox scholar 》 Wang Zijin, a scholar, went to Beijing to rush for the examination , Meet the fox demon Bai shisan who came down to earth to take Dan , Bai shisan in order to cheat the scholar's trust , With the demons , Put on a series of tricks , I didn't expect that in the scam, the two became close friends . Especially the scene of Wang Zijin and Bai shisan in the rain , Let a lot of audience see tears .

Chen Linong recalled the play and said ,“ Wang Zijin seems to be 20 I suddenly have the whole world , Lost again overnight ”, It's very heartbreaking when I shoot it , I cry until I feel dizzy . Li now also revealed that , Emotional part , Often one shot all night . The more stray things are, the harder they are to grind . Both of them are overcoming the test inside and outside the play , Finally, this friendship story with laughter and tears .


The movie 《 Red fox scholar 》 Will be in 12 month 4 It's on all over the country , At present, pre-sale has been opened , Laugh youlei , Happy new year .

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