How can you make money if you are engaged in we media writing? Share six writing methods
Xiao Li 2020-11-27 16:39:19
A lot of people want to earn some pocket money by writing , But from “ nothing ” To “ Yes ” The process of making money , It's not that easy to think about .

I've been writing articles online for almost four years , Nearly 20000 a month . If you don't have the willingness and persistence to continuously export value , Then it's hard for you to increase your writing weight on the platform , And get a higher income .

Of course , In addition to insisting on , It also depends on the supportive attitude of each platform for writing .

Every platform has its own rules , And these rules are not always fixed . therefore , Before you start writing , Three questions must be understood :

1, Your platform , What are the current rules and incentives for writing ?

2, The rules of this writing platform , Can we be fair enough ?( Don't ask for complete fairness , It's impossible )

3, Keep at it , What is it like to get the best results ?

For these three questions , You must try to understand . After understanding , Set a goal that is in line with your actual situation , The rest is to stick to it .

With all this awareness , The next step is to learn how to write .

 Writing in the media , How to make money ? Share six writing methods

Recommendation 1 , With an interest attitude , Make your writing more professional

Why use the mentality of interest ?

To put it bluntly , If we devote ourselves to this matter with utilitarian mentality , Nine out of ten you will be disappointed , One's own emotions are often affected by the amount of income .

But if you do it with interest , It's because I like to write articles and share what I've seen and heard , So when you do it , You don't look at income , It's better to stick to it .

The source of your writing motivation , It's from the reader's feedback on your article . When I started writing , Because there is no money , I have only one goal , Is to try to let their articles have more reader comments .

I wrote an article today , Only three readers left messages , well , So tomorrow's article , Think about how to get more readers to leave messages , More attractive to them to read . As for the goal of making money from articles , It's at the end .

And that's the second point , Make your writing ability more professional .

therefore , Whether you like writing or not , Don't think of writing as your only source of income . You have to have other sources of income to support your life , And then use my spare time to develop myself “ Hobby ”.

That's the only way , You don't have to be influenced by how much you earn when you write , I think the income is high today , I'm interested in writing , Seeing that the income is low today , There's no motivation , The quality of the article fluctuates too much .

My first year as a writer , It's basically zero income , And I've been sticking to it , Until the platform invited me in !

Want to do this , My advice is , Register as many platforms as possible , But focus on one main platform ( I certainly recommend the headline number , After all, the best thing to do is it ), First on the main platform , Other platforms will send , Then compare the reading situation of different articles on the platform .

According to the reading situation of articles on different platforms , Think about it. The current result is the mechanism of the platform , Or is it your writing ability , And then adjust it accordingly , Change where it can change .

That's the only way , You slowly shape your value , The ultimate benefit will catch up with you .

 Writing in the media , How to make money ? Share six writing methods

Recommendation two , Reader centered , Let the article output value

There are two kinds of articles , One is to entertain oneself , Expressing one's feelings , Like diaries , The other is to bring reading value to readers , Such as those articles about knowledge .

I want my articles to produce value , And even make money in the end , You must know how to be reader centered in your writing , Think from their point of view , Think about where your article can solve their problems .

You want to pass the article , Share your knowledge about something 、 Skill , Still trying to tell them something new 、 Special information ? It's about solving emotional problems in their lives , Or give them advice on how to work better ?

No matter what it's written , Want your words to be valuable , You have to have something that can “ teach ” The value of the reader , And this value , It's better not to be a rotten Street .

Otherwise, others say that if you try hard, you will succeed , You've written articles advocating blind effort , What kind of effort is effective without analysis , How to work hard is useful , Under what conditions is it easier to succeed , So the value of your article , It won't be too high .

Writing in the media , Never write according to your heart , Be sure to think about your writing direction in advance .

Recommendation three , Set your own writing direction , Accumulate relevant knowledge

Every writer , They all have their own positioning and labels .

My writing orientation and label are eloquence skills and personal growth , The direction of my writing , Usually focus on these two aspects . As for writing some hot topics about chicken soup , Despite the high traffic , The platform is also very supportive , But I'm not interested in writing , Because I'd rather spend time reading knowledge books , I don't want to spend my time on entertainment and gossip .

therefore , You must know what kind of writing you are good at or suitable for , And then focus on it , Accumulate the knowledge and skills of writing such articles .

You can't see other people write chicken soup text to get high traffic today , You just want to write hot articles ; I'll see someone else write history articles tomorrow , You're going to write about history .

therefore , Your writing must have its own orientation . If I were a reader , I paid attention to you because of what you learned from your articles , All of a sudden, today you give me a whole piece of hypocritical chicken soup , Why should I waste my time watching ? Unless you're writing about a blockbuster !

But we all know , There's a very low chance of a hit , In that case , It's better to focus on one area , Make yourself a master in this field , In this way, others will feel that it is valuable to read your article .

Find your own article orientation , Then learn how to write the relevant articles , This is the basic way to start writing .

 Writing in the media , How to make money ? Share six writing methods

Suggestion 4 , While learning to write , While practicing writing

For the novice , I want to form a kind of sitting in front of a computer , The habit of writing articles immediately , It's very difficult .

One of the reasons is , I always feel that I don't write enough articles “ perfect ”, Whether the format is not standard enough , Or the text is not sophisticated enough , All of these ideas can get in the way of writing .

The best way , It's learning to write at the same time , While practicing writing . There are many books about learning to write , I've also posted an article and recommended a few . But after reading the book , It is necessary to compare the method in the book , Try to write an article —— Whether you think it's good or not , First write an article , Let yourself feel , What is it like to finish writing an article .

Practice and try enough times , In order to overcome their own fear of lack of confidence in writing .

For example, I don't write articles about hot topic chicken soup , To some extent , I don't know how to write about it . But if I want to learn how to write this kind of article , I will find the relevant knowledge to learn , And then through practice to get the experience , Readjust the inadequacies .

Of course , A lot of people don't know what to start writing , Here's a way , Namely “ Data thinking ”, You can use data thinking , Find the type of article you like to write .

How to do it? ?

First, search for what you think is well written 、 Read a lot 、 Or touch your heart , The article I like , Collect these articles , Become a certain “ database ”.

And then based on this database , Summarize and analyze the common features of these articles , It's how the article is written , What kind of structure does it have , What is the reason to attract readers, etc .

Based on this analysis , What do you think about writing , There will be a clearer change .

Using data thinking to learn , There are usually four steps :

First step , Clear purpose , Establish an index system for analysis ;( Read a lot of articles , Popular with readers )

The second step , Collect relevant data , Refine different indicators ;( Writing about emotions resonates , Writing about dry goods arouses thirst for knowledge )

The third step , Build an analytical model , The reason behind the dismantling ;( There are so many articles of the same kind , Why are these articles more popular ?)

Step four , Draw a conclusion based on the results , Reflect the problem through data .( Decide what kind of writing to write )

Use these steps to learn your favorite articles , You will be able to gradually improve your writing ability from it .

 Writing in the media , How to make money ? Share six writing methods

Recommendation 5 , Master the corresponding writing skills through imitation

A lot of writers would advise you to : The best writing training is to imitate .

Of course , What I'm talking about here “ imitation ”, It's not about copying other people's writing styles , It's by imitating other people , Find your own writing style , Then form your own writing style .

According to recommendation 4 , I'm sure you can find some articles that you like better , You'll also find out what areas to focus on .

So according to the collected articles , You can find an article with a simpler structure , And then use the other party's format , Try to write a similar article .

for instance , For example, the structure of my current article is relatively simple , Just list some important suggestions , Then you can also find a writing theme , And then come up with 6 To 8 Piece of advice , It's like I write an article like this .

With this experience , You will know , When writing what kind of article , You can use this way to write . If your topic doesn't fit into this list , Then find the right article , Imitate the structure of the article and write it once .

This is the most direct way to learn the structure of writing , And the most effective way .

For example, I don't like writing chicken soup , But if I'm going to imitate , I might read some of the articles that mimone had written before to learn , No matter what the outside world thinks of this person , I want to learn how to write this kind of article , I think it would be better to learn from her article . After all, mimone has a strong sense of language and language in her writing , It's very suitable for the reading habits of our times .

Then I will analyze the structure of her article , Think about why her article could be like this , After reading, imitate her writing , Even though I'm not as talented as she is , I can also learn some skills from it , In order to form their own writing style .

The nature of imitation , It's about taking advantage of everyone , Everyone's strong point , To analyze the subtleties of him , For your use .

 Writing in the media , How to make money ? Share six writing methods

Recommendation 6 , Find ways to accumulate writing material

Unless I'm on a business trip or I'm really busy at work , Otherwise, I can usually write an article a day . Write an article every day , Where do I have so much material ?

This is about the way to accumulate material .

Many friends in the process of writing , I don't know what to write , When there is a lack of inspiration . But actually , Unless you want to be a great writer , Otherwise we media writing , We don't need the ability to inspire , It just needs us to understand from the complexity of information , Digging out articles that can be transformed into “ Value point ”.

For example, I keep reading for half an hour before I go to bed , Half an hour's reading time , It might be enough to read five articles , It's the second of a book 、 Thirty pages .

But reading these two 、 Thirty pages in the process , I will keep thinking , Think about this knowledge , How to combine the needs of readers , Write an article that will be useful to them ?

If it happens to be reading , Can inspire me to write the theme of the article , I'm going to think about the content right away , Put the knowledge points you see into the article , The next day I started writing .

 Writing in the media , How to make money ? Share six writing methods

So accumulate material , There can be four forms :

1, Pay attention to events in daily life ;

Interpret an event or hot spot , State the event first , After expounding the original facts , Add your own view of the event , At the end of the paper, I will summarize my own point of view , This is a common method , Relatively simple .

2, Summarize the knowledge of a topic ;

For example, you read a book about willpower , Then you can put the contents of the book , Combined with my own reading experience , Condense it into an article , Make a collection of knowledge ; Or for a problem in life or work , Tell the cause and effect , Offer solutions .

The accumulation of this material , It's very suitable to write articles about dry goods .

3, Share your views and opinions about the outside world ;

If you are aware of the current changes in the world economy , Have a deep enough understanding , Then you can write an article about economic change . You can read the news , Books or observations of society , According to some logical system, we can sum up a point of view .

So the article you wrote , It's about this point of view , Let's talk about which industries in the current economy make more money , What kind of work is more safe, etc .

4, Talk about the same topic from different angles ;

For example, the emergence of a hot spot , Many people will follow the hot spots to write , If everyone writes from the same angle , Then you can find another way , Write about it in other ways . Or you don't agree with an article , You can also use an article , To talk about what you think is the point .

All in all , Every word you meet in your life 、 Everyone has the potential to trigger a situation , Be your writing material .

In addition to these, there are all kinds of input opportunities in life , Keep reading and keep a keen sense of touch with the outside world , It's very traditional but very effective , I also suggest that everyone read before going to bed .

The above quick start writing method , The rest , Just stick to it .
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