Which hospital in China is strong? Let's take a look at the list of Chinese hospitals in 2019
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11 month 14 Japan , Institute of hospital management, Fudan University, Shanghai 《2019 Annual Chinese hospital rankings 》.

This year's ranking is based on , Send a registered letter to the experts in the expert library , And produce a list based on experts' votes . The number of experts in this year has increased by a record compared with last year 331 name , achieve 5210 name , Finally received a receipt 3362 Share ( Hit a new high ), More than last year 104 Share , The effective response rate is as high as 64.53%, Much higher than long ago “ The ranking list selection is normalized ” existing 31 The best hospital in the United States 33.5% The effective response rate of experts is . This year, there are 366 Home hospital ( Record high ) Nominated by experts , finally 100 A hospital entered “ Fudan version of the list ”,40 Specialties ( front 10 name ) On the list .

The list reveals information :

1、 Half of the hospitals on the list are from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou , The distribution of medical resources in China is still uneven

since 2009 Since its release , The top four have never changed , The first to fourth places are : Peking Union Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences 、 West China Hospital of Sichuan University 、 PLA General Hospital ( primary 301 The hospital )、 Ruijin Hospital Affiliated to medical school of Shanghai Jiaotong University . China is in the top 100 Home hospital , Yes 48 Home in Beijing 、 Shanghai 、 Guangzhou .

2、 Super hospitals are developing rapidly

By 2019 year , Have more than 2500 The hospital with beds has 100 Above home ,3000 Hospitals with more than beds have 63 home ,5000 Hospitals with more than beds have 11 home .

The West China Hospital in Chengdu, Sichuan Province has been ranked second in China .

Another super hospital, the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, is in 2011 It is the first year of 100 The rank of the first place is squeezed into 《 Ranking List 》, Then the First Affiliated Hospital of Zheng University was seated “ Express train ”, stay 9 It went up during the year 82 position , Ranking the first 18. It has a “ Super capacity ”:10000 Beds , Annual outpatient visits 776 Thousands of people . In what is known as “ The world's largest hospital ” At the same time , Because “ Pick up all the patients ”, Dubbed “ The largest township hospital ”.

3、 Shenzhen is not on the list , Medical resources do not match economic development

There are no hospitals in Shenzhen on the list . Nearly half of the high ranking hospitals are located in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou , sichuan 、 Hospitals in Henan and other provinces are also on the list , Guangdong Province also has 9 Hospitals are on the list , And as Guangdong Province GDP No. 1 、 The national GDP Shenzhen, which ranked third, did not have a hospital on the list , There is a serious mismatch between medical resources and economic development .

4、《 Ranking List 》 wuhan 5 All the hospitals on the list have risen

Tongji Hospital ranked No 7, rising 1 position ; Union Medical College Hospital ranked No 10, rising 2 position ; Wuhan University People's Hospital ranked No 40, rising 4 position ; Central South Hospital of Wuhan University ranked No 61, rising 17 position ; Wuhan University stomatological hospital ranked No 88, rising 9 position .

In the further refinement of the department ranking , Zhong Nanshan 、 Li Lanjuan 、 Wang Chen 、 Novel coronavirus pneumonia, which is the leader of medical workers who made indelible contributions to the fight against new crown pneumonia, was established by Zhang Wenhong , They are all in the top two of their specialties .

This year's novel coronavirus pneumonia , Many hospitals in Wuhan have taken on the responsibility of “ Front line operations ” The burden of . Among them, the designated hospital with the largest number of patients is Tongji Hospital , The two hospital districts were treated 3500 Other patients were seriously ill 、 Critically ill patients . The first 7 The order of names , Tongji Hospital deserves its name .

《2019 Annual Chinese hospital rankings 》 Baked , It's going to be for patients with difficult and complicated diseases “ Medical guide ”, What's more, it reveals the level of China's medical industry .

 Which hospital in China is strong ? Let's see 《2019 Annual Chinese hospital rankings 》

 Which hospital in China is strong ? Let's see 《2019 Annual Chinese hospital rankings 》

Popularize knowledge of the rankings :

Eleven years ago , Fudan University Hospital Management Institute leads the country , start-up 《2009 Annual ranking of the best specialist reputation of Chinese hospitals 》 and 《2009 China's best hospitals of the year 》 Appraisal work , So far, it has become a more authoritative and influential subject evaluation benchmark .

The Fudan Medical Association and the Chinese Medical Association's list of experts are from the Chinese Medical Association ( Including the national chairman of various clinical specialties 、 Vice chairman and chairman of the young and middle-aged Committee 、 Vice chairman, etc ). The entry into the specialty has been changed from the original 27 individual , It has increased year by year to the present 40 individual ; from 2014 year , The list of hospitals in seven regions of China has been added , Academic influence on regional medical centers Radiation , Patients seeking a doctor nearby has a positive guiding role .

After the comprehensive consideration of the reviewers , According to the discipline construction 、 Clinical technology and medical quality 、 Scientific research level and other factors , Nominating hospitals ranked first to tenth in their field of expertise . According to the ranking of experts , The average reputation score of each hospital in the specialty field is obtained , The top 10 hospitals that generated the average reputation score and the list of hospitals that have been nominated by ranking . Based on the best specialist reputation rankings , According to the reputation of each hospital in each specialty , Get the total score of all specialties in the hospital , On this basis, the total score of scientific research and academic level of the Institute is integrated , The top 100 hospitals in China .

Medical care, big health , Medical equipment is large , People are in great demand , Big cognition of practice .

Pay attention to small make up , Let's learn more about the industry .