Tiktok what is the meaning of "Liu"?

Liu Huang uncle tiktok stem and meaning introduction

Yu Hewei, Liu Bei disco, Liu Huang uncle Liu fire, opened the jar of voice search" Liu Bei disco "or" Yu Hewei cigar disco "is all the old big leap video. Tiktok: tiktok:

, Liu Bei: "this is a hot and vibrato video."

, "I'm falling out of Liu Bei's nest." all these two days are all in him. "

," Liu has to jump in the chattering for a week. "

ha ha ha, the stem is not going to go."

tiktok is not half of the business, but the middle way enjoys the "dancing

". No wonder the three countries are not unified by you. It was stolen. Lazy disco went to

Liu Huang tiktok video source

from a video on the shaking of a video, the content is Liu Bei after speaking, switch the mirror hair now, disco, was carried by the netizen. Above

is the whole content of Liu Yin's tiktok.

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