Tiktok needs to be fully controlled.
Li Xuepeng 2020-11-27 15:21:03
Video dividend Era , A lot of people see this shortcut , Want to think about overtaking on a curve , Looking for gold in this industry . In the video platform , According to the user volume , Tiktok can be said to fully deserve the overlord. , Although the establishment of the time is relatively short , But it's developing very fast . Quickly catch up with and surpass some old video platforms , Left them far behind .

Tiktok is constantly studying the flow of the jitter. . Open the circle of friends is the result of the screen , How many drainages are there today , How many were drained yesterday .

The reason for the countless people who want to drain is tiktok. , Just because his user base is relatively large , It's also easy to get a share of the market , After filtration of flooding flow , Guide to transaction platform , It's basically accurate traffic .

1、 Head portrait and name should be professional

Some of the names are tiktok. , Even vulgar , It's hard to persuade fans to click .

Good tiktok , Special attention should be paid to names and portraits , Tiktok will choose the professional head and name according to the released voice. , The head portrait has the following characteristics :

(1) Tiktok: your voice or your comments.

Your tiktok must be related to the short video content and comments you posted. , Otherwise, the donkey's lips are not the horse's , It's hard for fans to click actively .

(2) The tone should be high and high , Reject vulgarity

Any social media avatar should reject vulgar and vulgar ones .

(3) Head color should be comfortable

Many of the tiktok heads are very harsh. , Or very bleak , Neither of them can attract the attention of fans . We have to take care of the visual experience of our fans .

(4) Individualization , Creative avatars are more attractive

To attract people's attention, the head portrait must be personalized .

 Tiktok needs to be fully controlled.

The name of the jitter tiktok should conform to the following characteristics :

(1) Names should be controlled in 5 Within a word . It's hard to remember long words , Fans forget when they see it , Can't make a deep impression .

(2) It's better to have English letters in the name , Names with English letters look high-end , And it makes you more professional .

(3) It's better not to have an expression in your name 、 Symbol . Various expressions and symbols appear in the name , It will make your name look very confusing , It's not systematic , Not professional .

2、 Original content

Tiktok game player if you watch carefully those players who play better. , You'll find that their videos are original HD videos , The effect of shooting is good . And his videos are full-size , Either full screen or vertical screen , They are all edited with relevant software . For example, some picture making , Some people use it every day P chart , Some tools such as video production, quick film and so on , Take every video seriously , In order to play a good effect .

 Tiktok needs to be fully controlled.

3、 hot topic

You can't make a random video , There must be a clear positioning , So the system can determine what kind of users your video is suitable for . General fire video has a clear video location . such as , You want to focus on beauty videos , So I've been sending videos about beauty . Must have the plan sends the video to be able to achieve the good effect . Which videos are more popular on the platform recently , Which videos meet the recommendation mechanism , Which peer videos are recommended , We need to understand it slowly 、 analysis .

 Tiktok needs to be fully controlled.

4、 Learn to talk

When you just send a video, you must learn to use it # topic of conversation . Increase exposure , A lot of people don't use random hair , Grow by video .# topic of conversation Represents the attention of users , If you're on this video , The video is more enlightening , It's easy to interact . As interaction increases , Respond to comments in a timely manner , The video weight is increased , It's not hard to be hot .
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