Tiktok steal the popular application account, earn millions of points, and finally catch the shock of the storming.
Dark rain and cloud smoke 2020-11-27 15:21:01
users' social media accounts are not lost, but they pay attention to and like many other accounts inexplicably; short video accounts are normal, but they browse many videos that they have never seen before. There is no doubt that there is a problem with the account.

Recently, Beijing Haidian police arrested Wang from Xianning, Hubei Province, on suspicion of illegally obtaining computer information systems. In Wang's illegal activities, including stealing numbers, accepting the above-mentioned praise, brush volume business.

Since the point like, brush volume, need a lot of accounts. Where did Wang's account come from?

It is understood that after Wang obtained tens of millions of "account passwords" from the black market, he used people's habit of setting unified accounts and passwords on multiple platforms to collide with multiple popular applications, and then changed the successful normal account number into a "water army" account for praising and brushing.

The so-called "database collision" refers to the use of leaked account and password by the black ash industry to log in in batch on other platforms. If the login is successful, the accounts and passwords of these websites can be "knocked out". Because people are used to using the same email address or mobile phone number and unified password registration on multiple platforms, the success rate of "database collision" of black gray products is relatively high.

Wang was arrested because he hit tiktok App.

in February this year, Beijing byte beating company reported to Haidian police. Its App tiktok was attacked by tens of millions of external accounts, which was malicious and hit by the database. The password of millions of accounts was consistent with the external leakage data.

After the attack is detected in real time by the system of byte skipping company, in order to prevent the account that has been successfully "hit" from being illegally used, byte skipping sets up SMS secondary login verification for all suspected stolen accounts in real time through the security system, and reports the case to the police.

After investigation, the police found that Wang, a native of Hubei Province, was suspected of committing a major crime. At the end of May, Haidian police arrested him.

It is understood that Wang has been unemployed since graduation. He used his computer skills to control a large number of accounts of several popular platforms, wrote database collision codes, and obtained accounts of other platforms. Then, he undertook the business of endorsements, advertising and other businesses, making an accumulated illegal profit of more than one million yuan.

At present, the case is still under further investigation.

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