Tiktok is what's reasonable? What is the comment on the stem? Is this reasonable?
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Tiktok tiktok tiktok? What's the reason for
's trembling sound? What's the reason for the chattering? Recently, when the little editor often goes to the video reviews, he often appears in the video commentary. This sentence is reasonable. At the same time, he also sighs that this sentence is very level, so what do you mean by this? What's the meaning of it? Let's take a look with the Xiaobian.

, is this a reasonable comment? In fact, the sentence "Si < / strong > < br > < br > in fact, it is intended to express a query about all kinds of unreasonable, unexpected and incomprehensible things.

For example, when the game is about to defend its title after defeating the big boss, a pile of shit fell from the sky, which made him stink. Are you: is this reasonable?! < br > < br > is this reasonable? Is this river? Beaver? Is this Heli? < br > < strong > is this reasonable? Stem origin < / strong > < br > < br > this sentence is actually one of the catchphrases of the anchor Qin Chuan, and his Daqin dialect is very interesting.

< strong > Introduction to Qin Chuan < / strong > < br > < br > net name: mrquin < br > < br > alias: Mr. Qin < br > < br > resume: get up early and make a video game introduction for the host computer in tudou.com, and later changed to youku.com due to copyright issues. In 2014, he joined Betta to live the game live, and cooperated with various games to make video introduction. In 2018, due to physical discomfort, it formally proposed to terminate the contract with Betta TV live. What is more reasonable than

? Is tiktok all right?

Source: Zuo Jiangjun game website
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