"Green prevention and control" promotes the upgrading of industrial brands
City air 2020-11-27 15:08:43

News from our newspaper recently , Enter the modern agriculture exhibition hall of qilonghe rural complex in YANWO Town, Lijin County , Hanging moth trap lamps can be seen everywhere . In recent years , YANWO town listed vegetable planting industry as the key industry of modern agricultural development , Strengthen the promotion of green prevention and control technology of vegetable industry . Agricultural technology departments actively promote the use of insect killing lamps 、 Green prevention and control technology such as sticky insect board and biological pesticide , Effectively reduce the use of chemical pesticides , Improve the quality and safety level of agricultural products , Increase market competitiveness .

On this basis , The town actively develops agricultural products “ Third grade ” Certification work , Enhance the competitiveness of agricultural products market . at present , The town has certified pollution-free agricultural products 56 individual , Organic produce 12 individual . To cultivate the “ Seven dragon river ”“ Tiger Beach ”“ Qi Xin Mi Bao ” etc. 9 Famous brands . These brands make agricultural products into the market “ star ”, It has promoted the competitiveness of agricultural products in an all-round way .

source : Volkswagen daily
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