How is rice gradually popularized in China?
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About 10000 years ago , The global climate began to warm up , In order to solve their own survival crisis , At that time, human beings had to farm the land , So agriculture began to develop gradually .

Because of its strong resistance and excellent growth period , It has gradually become the representative crop of China's agriculture , He has made the most fundamental contribution to the development of Chinese civilization .

So here comes the question , Rice is gradually popularized in our country ? Its cultivation and spread went through several stages .

The first stage : In the early Warring States period , Rice is also a very precious food .

Rice as a food crop originated in the south of China , It has a long history of cultivation , The earliest archaeological discovery should be 1995 At the yuchanyan site in Daoxian County, Henan Province, China , Four yellow rice grains were found , It was monitored by experts about 10000 years ago , It's the earliest rice in the world .

 How rice has been gradually popularized in China ?

stay 《 The book of odes ? Xiaoya 》 It is recorded that this passage :“ The pond flows northward , Soak the rice ”, This shows that people at that time have begun to learn how to use water to irrigate rice fields .

《 Rousson 》 Say :“ There are millet and millet , Rice and rice ”, This shows that in the Western Zhou Dynasty , Rice has been introduced into the north , It's just that planting was not common at that time , Rice is still regarded as precious food .

second 、 From the Warring States period to the Qin and Han Dynasties , Rice planting has become common from the beginning

During this period , Rice is not only widely planted in the Yangtze River Basin , Rice planting in the North has to start to become common . stay 《 Her experience during the spring and autumn 》 in , There is a special description of the season when rice is planted , He also put forward the idea of not seizing the farming season .

Western han dynasty , In jarang 《 River management strategy 》 in , There is also the use of irrigation to change the saline alkali land , Change the grain and wheat fields into paddy fields to increase the yield 5 Times such a statement .

 How rice has been gradually popularized in China ?

Third 、 In the Wei, Jin and Sui and Tang Dynasties , Rice was planted on a large scale in southern China

Since the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty , The northern region has suffered from continuous wars , A large number of labor and advanced working methods have been taken to the south .

At the same time , Rice planting technology has also been improved with the times . In A.D. 2 At the turn of the century , There are ways to transplant rice ; A.D. 3 At the turn of the century , Green manure for rice appeared , A.D. 6 At the turn of the century , There are also baking techniques to increase soil oxygen content .

After the unification of China in the Sui and Tang Dynasties , Rice began to be planted in large quantities in the south , The social economy of the South has also developed .

Fourth 、 From the Five Dynasties to the end of Ming Dynasty , Rice has become the first traditional crop

 How rice has been gradually popularized in China ?

In the Five Dynasties period , Because the North has been in war for a long time , This has seriously damaged the normal development of agriculture , The south is relatively stable , And that's why , The economic center of China began to move to the South gradually .

In the Song Dynasty , The population of the South officially exceeds that of the North .

And behind all this is the development of agriculture in the south . Because of that , Then there was “ Su Hu is ripe , The world is full of ” Such a proverb . To the Ming Dynasty , Then again “ Huguanzu , The world is full of ” So to speak .

From then on, rice was planted , It has always occupied the first place in the country .
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