Experts teach you how to do the marketing work of Knowledge Q & a promotion
Understanding 2020-11-27 15:08:35
Xu Guoxiang received many messages from netizens , I was asked to organize a Knowledge Q & a promotion operation skills , In response to your needs , Today I would like to share with you the working skills of the whole network world team .

 Experts teach you how to do the marketing work of Knowledge Q & a promotion

First , To sort out the copy of the question and answer content Including questions to ask 、 The answer is , The answer can be one question and one answer, or one question and many answers , Look at the needs of enterprises ;

And then there's the question and answer platform , There are common Baidu know ,360 Question and answer , Sogou ask , Wukong questions and answers, etc . After choosing the platform, you can Sign up for an account to ask questions , The same group of Q & a copywriting can be put on different Q & A platforms .( Xu Guoxiang reminds everyone that , The higher the account level, the better ).

The answer after the question , You need to switch IP Switch account , You can also find the mutual aid group to find someone to answer . When you see the answer you need, you can adopt it , Suggested questions , answer , Take these three steps with time intervals .

below , Xu Guoxiang takes Baidu as an example . Now many enterprises are doing Q & a promotion , Baidu knows the most , But Baidu knows that although the flow is big , It's not easy to do well .

Baidu knows that it is independently developed by Baidu , Knowledge sharing platform based on interactive form , Users can ask questions according to their own needs and get answers .

One 、 put questions to

1. Ask questions in Baidu , When asking questions, an account can at most mention 5 A question , But it's best for an account to answer only one question a day , Add... To each question 20 Reward points , There is no limit , It's good for ranking .

2. The title of the question can only write the keywords we search for , Don't put any punctuation , And don't organize it into one sentence , This is not in line with ranking and customer search habits .

3. In the description of the question , Must appear once or reasonably more than once our title keywords .

Two 、 answer

1. When we ask questions, it's better not to answer them immediately , At least it has to be separated 1 Hours or more .

2. When we answer , For our main keyword , It must be reasonable to appear more than once .

3、 ... and 、 Adopt

The interval of adoption is at 1 About an hour or so , But if you want to attract more people to answer your question, you can adopt it two days later , I believe there will be a lot of answers to your questions .

Four 、 give the thumbs-up

give the thumbs-up , It's in the lower left corner of each question , Don't order too much every day ,3-5 Next time .

The rules Baidu knows are changing all the time , The method has strong timeliness , Maybe a good way to do it now , But more people know about it , The loopholes are closed . therefore , Adhere to do Baidu know the promotion of friends , You must learn to explore yourself .

 Experts teach you how to do the marketing work of Knowledge Q & a promotion

Except baidu , You know what 、 sogou 、 douban 、 Wukong and other Q & A platforms can be operated , Everyone can try . If you have any questions or business needs, you can leave it to Xu Guoxiang , thank you !