Yangxin County Tax Bureau: strong skills in business discussion and bad public opinion
White ice 2020-11-27 14:55:52
11 month 25 Friday night , Yangxin County tax bureau all training cadres and branch Directors 、 The business backbones of relevant departments conducted a two-hour brainstorming on recent hot events and business discussions in Mugang training base .

 Yangxin County Tax Bureau : Business discussion skills Negative public opinion should not be

all the time , Three days a week “ Tax Service Hall Business discussion ” In the evening school , Yangxin County Tax Bureau No. 1 Tax Branch ( Tax Service Hall ) Stick to problem orientation , For recent hot events , Many problems are reflected by cadres , take “ Everyone is a teacher , All of them are students ” Pattern , Develop “ Business discussion ” Lectures , change “ Duck filling ” Passive learning is “ Brainstorming ” Active communication .

 Yangxin County Tax Bureau : Business discussion skills Negative public opinion should not be

Lu Zhongchun, director of the first sub Bureau, stressed that :“ Optimize the tax business environment , Building taxpayers ‘ perfect contentment ’ Working environment , We are not only required to do our job well , We should do a good job in the work of taxpayers , The real starting point is the demand of taxpayers , To solve the problem of taxpayers as a breakthrough point , We must not have negative public opinions that cause strong social repercussions , We must know how to think in transposition , Only in this way can work be carried forward , To implement ‘ Last mile ’, To ensure the overall victory of this year's taxpayer satisfaction campaign .”

according to the understanding of , With the new civil servants ,“ Brainstorming ” type “ Business discussion ” The activity has been carried out 3 period , Share your heart 、 True words 120 multiple , Effectively solved the daily work blocking point 、 Difficulties and pain points , Deep integration of theoretical and practical business , Enhance the awareness of serving taxpayers .

( source : Yang Xin on the cloud correspondent Manford )
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