One week, Starbucks launched wechat app; "meituan monthly payment" was officially launched
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 One week, Starbucks launched wechat app ;“ Meituan monthly payment ” The official launch ......

Policy data

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences :4 Rents in the first and second tier cities fell in January 、 House prices are going up

The Institute of financial strategy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences released 2020 year 04 Monthly latitude house composite index , The data show that this year 4 In June, the core cities of China ( Mainly in the first and second tier cities ) Second hand housing turnover and prices rose rapidly , Rents are falling fast . House prices in the third and fourth tier cities fell overall .

For the first time in China “ Edible ” Livestock catalogue , Dogs are not on the list

Ministry of agriculture and rural areas of China 29 It was officially announced that 《 National catalogue of livestock and poultry genetic resources 》( hereinafter referred to as 《 Catalog 》), It is the first time to define the range of livestock and poultry species , This makes it clear that “ Edible ” The range of livestock and poultry .

The Beijing municipal : Accurate assistance to catering, tourism, movie theater

In recent days, , Tan Xuxiang, director of the municipal development and Reform Commission, said in an interview , At present, the city's Industrial Enterprises above the scale 、 Planning the construction site 、 Business buildings 、 The supermarket is basically 100% Return to work . next step , The city will formulate a number of measures to speed up the expansion of new business forms and new models , Boost and expand market confidence ; Clear up the unreasonable restrictions and control regulations on the resumption of work and production of small and medium-sized enterprises ; In the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, we should accelerate the comprehensive restoration of production and living order . Yes, catering 、 accommodation 、 tourism 、 Cinema, theater and other industries implement precise assistance .

The first snail powder industry college in China was opened , Plan to enroll students 500 people

5 month 28 Japan , First in the country “ Snail powder industry college ” In Liuzhou Vocational and technical college . The college will officially enroll students this year , Plan to enroll students 500 people . According to the plan , Snail powder industry college will be opened 7 A professional , Construction of snail powder Big Data Technology Service Center , To cultivate compound applied talents with technical skills in snail powder industry . According to relevant statistics , only 2019 year , Net red gourmet snail powder has created output value for Liuzhou 70 Billion +.

The highest 100 ten thousand , Beijing Sub Center shopping mall can get “ Rent reduction ” subsidy

In the near future , Tongzhou District Bureau of Commerce of Beijing Municipality has formulated 《 During the epidemic prevention and control period, the implementation plan of giving certain financial incentives to large shopping malls taking rent reduction measures 》( hereinafter referred to as 《 programme 》). The plan clearly put forward , For normal operation during the epidemic period 、 And take rent reduction measures of department stores 、 Shopping malls and other large shopping malls give certain financial rewards , The maximum amount of reward is not more than 100 Ten thousand yuan .

Financing M & A

Food preservation company “ peel Sciences” a 2.5 Us $100 million financing

In recent days, , Food preservation company “Apeel Sciences” To obtain the 2.5 Us $100 million financing , This round of financing by Singapore Wealth Fund GIC Lead investment , Investors include Viking Global Investors、 singer Katy Perry And the queen of the media Oprah Winfrey etc. . The company now operates mainly in the United States and Europe , It intends to take advantage of the new round of financing , Continue international expansion , Especially in sub Saharan Africa 、 Central America and South America .

Convenience bee cumulative completion 15 Us $100 million financing , Achieve quarterly profit of stores nationwide in the year

It is said that the convenience bee has recently completed a new round of financing , The total amount of funds raised has reached 15 Billion dollars , Investors include global private equity funds 、 National sovereign wealth funds 、 University investment funds and Internet companies . Relevant person in charge , It is true that the company has completed a new round of financing , All the money will be used to invest in China's convenience store market , At present, Beijing has achieved profits .

Bean products brand “ Grinding and teasing ” Ten million level Angel round financing

Chain brand of bean products “ Grinding and teasing ” Recently announced the completion of the investment led by the Qingsong fund 、 Ten million RMB Angel round investment with Beijing life service fund . According to the founder Lin Chao , The company began to invest in the brand , Rely on the take out platform to drain the store , It will also launch relevant content on social media through geographic location and other means ,6 At the beginning of this month, we will launch our own membership system .

AI Agricultural technology companies “Aerobotics” a 550 Ten thousand dollar financing

According to foreign media reports , In recent days, , Agricultural technology companies in South Africa “Aerobotics” To obtain the 550 Ten thousand dollar financing , The investors in this round of financing are Naspers Foundry.Aerobotics It is an artificial intelligence company , Provide intelligent tools for farmers to manage their crops .Aerobotics Will use the funds from the new round of financing , Continue to expand its business , Bring services to more agricultural workers .

American Vegetarian brand “GOOD PLANeT Foods” a 1200 Thousands of dollars A Round of funding

According to foreign media The Spoon reports , The United States “GOOD PLANeT Foods” complete 1200 Thousands of dollars A Round of funding , from Cleveland Avenue Lead investment , GreatPoint Ventures Wait for the vote . The funding of this round of financing , The company will be used to expand the market coverage of production and products .GOOD PLANeT Foods It's a vegetarian brand , Headquartered in Seattle, USA , It aims to provide consumers with plant-based food , Including vegetarian cheese and frozen pizza .

Star Company

“ Meituan monthly payment ” The official launch , The longest interest free period is 38 God

Meituan App It was officially launched today “ Meituan monthly payment ” function , namely “ Check ” Renaming and upgrading of functions . According to the page information , The longest interest free period of meituan monthly payment is 38 God , Support for extension 、 Installment payment , There are payment relief activities , Take out can be included in 、 Public comment 、 Take a taxi 、 Travel 、 accommodation 、 The movie 、 Many scenes including Moby bike are used . In the order payment page, you can check meituan monthly payment , Similar to ant flower .

Alibaba express : Start the incubation plan of global online celebrities

In recent days, , Alibaba's cross-border retail e-commerce platform Global Express launched “AliExpress Connect” plan , Plan for the next year , For more than 10 Ten thousand content creators and online celebrities create new jobs . According to a person quoted by the news agency, the company said , The goal of express is to , Incubating millions of content Entrepreneurs ,100 Millions of fans on the site , And promoters who earn up to a million dollars a year .

Wang Huiwen reduced his holdings of meituan , Cash out 2.74 Million Hong Kong dollars

According to the Hong Kong stock exchange, it is easy to , Wang Huiwen, executive director and senior vice president of meituan, is in 5 month 26 Japan ( Meituan's market value has broken through 1000 At the time of US $100 million ), reduce one's shares in a listed company 200 Thousands of stocks , The average price is 136.89 The Hong Kong dollar , Cash out 2.74 Million Hong Kong dollars ,B Share holdings have fallen to 0.42%.

Wuliangye set up a new retail management company in Sichuan free trade zone

Sky eye data display ,5 month 27 Japan , Sichuan Wuliangye New Retail Management Co., Ltd. was established , The registered capital 1 RMB , The legal representative is Yan Changlong , Registered in China ( sichuan ) A pilot free trade zone , The business scope includes liquor business ; The enterprise management ; Internet sales ( In addition to selling goods that require licensing ) etc. . Yibin Wuliangye Co., Ltd. is the major shareholder of the company , Shareholding ratio 90%; Sichuan Yibin Wuliangye Group Co., Ltd. is its second largest shareholder , Shareholding ratio 10%.

Dada will start as early as Wednesday in the United States IPO 's investors roadshow

According to Reuters , Dada will launch its investor roadshow on its U.S. IPO as early as Wednesday . Sources said , The company's goal is to sell about 5 $100 million stock , JD and Wal mart are expected to be cornerstone investors in IPO To buy shares in . Regarding this , Dada responded that : Declined to comment .

Meituan 2020 year Q1 revenue 167.54 Billion , Year-on-year decline in 12.6%

5 month 25 Japan , Meituan comments released 2020 First quarter results . Results show that ,2020 First quarter , Meituan reviews the revenue 167.54 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year decline in 12.6%, The same period last year was 191.73 One hundred million yuan ; Operating deficit 17.16 One hundred million yuan , We lost money in the same period last year 13.04 One hundred million yuan , The loss expanded year on year 31.6%; Adjusted net loss 2.16 One hundred million yuan , It was a net loss in the same period last year 10.49 One hundred million yuan , Net loss narrowed year on year 79.4%.

Starbucks launched wechat app

According to the official wechat , Starbucks app officially launched , Within the scope of national special satellite delivery and distribution, it can be delivered . Users can place orders directly in the applet and track the progress of the product .

Are you hungry? Push the upgraded version of food safety seal , Small order ticket into take out “ Safety belt ”

In recent days, , Are you hungry? We have an upgraded version of food safety seal : Using innovative thermal paste technology , The order receipt can be directly used as food safety seal , Put it on the mouth of the takeout bag . One meal and one signature cannot be replaced , Improve the safety of takeout meals . This is another technological innovation of the food safety seal . at present , The upgraded version of food safety seal has been used in Shanghai and other places .
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