Tiktok powder? Chef Gu Shengnan's voice is planning tiktok!
Fierce Eagle 2020-11-27 14:43:16
Hello everyone

We are researchers at the new media laboratory

According to our observations

Miss Gu Shengnan delicacy is very suitable for running tiktok account.

We combine the legendary Tiktok powder

A set of experimental plans was made for her

If you want to be a fan, don't miss it

Experimental archives

 Tiktok powder ? Chef Gu Shengnan chill tiktok exposure !

First step : Tiktok location

nickname : diet “ Man ”

Universal formula : Brand label + Value tag , Users only focus on what is valuable to them ?.

Personality tags : Energy Chef 、 Bulk Korean level 10

The label should be easy to let go ? remember .

Signature : Share one skill every day

? Tell the user , What value can you offer them ?

background :( Place to show personal and brand image )

It could be a ? Or enterprise brand introduction 、 mission 、 Cultural Exhibition . Let the user ? Eyes see you 、 Remember you , Think you're an expert in the industry .

 Tiktok powder ? Chef Gu Shengnan chill tiktok exposure !

Account location :

(1) Industry orientation : Label food field , Release food related content .

(2) Crowd positioning : Locate the fans you want to attract , according to ? Group like to do account positioning .

(3) Personal positioning : If you look good ? Or versatile 、 Know a special skill , You can also build one ?IP location . Take the net red route , Let yourself get angry first , And then to drive sales .

Content orientation :

Tiktok knowledge account content 5 A model :

(1) really ? Out of the mirror + subtitle

(2) picture + The background music

(3) picture + Own soundtrack + written words

(4) picture + voice + written words

(5)PPT/ Mind mapping / Recording screen

Content is the flow of blood , The more vertical the content is , The more accurate the fans are

The second step : Tiktok

 Tiktok powder ? Chef Gu Shengnan chill tiktok exposure !

From the recent hot content “ Making fried rice in the face ” Starting with

Hot content :

(1) Follow the hot content of the platform

(2) Emphasize the freshness and liveliness of the content

(3) Focus on the data monitoring of praise and attention

? Announcement content :

(1) Published at key marketing nodes ? Content of the notice guidance

(2) Emphasize the delicacy and uniqueness of the content

(3) Data monitoring focusing on exposure

 Tiktok powder ? Chef Gu Shengnan chill tiktok exposure !

( The graph is 《 I like you 》 Slap fried rice )

The content can be roughly divided into three categories :

One 、 Stories

(1) individual ? The story : Tell a story ? Experience evokes emotional resonance

(2) Stories with philosophy : Explain a truth through a simple story

(3) Use the knowledge of dry goods with familiar stories such as movies 、 history ? In the form of things .

Two 、 Social topics

(1) Child ? Education problem (2) Gender relations

(3) The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law

3、 ... and 、 A topic of concern to everyone

(1) About money (2) On Entrepreneurship

(3) About feelings

Will be multiple IP Combine , hold ? Duan dry goods are expressed through familiar stories , Let fans feel involved 、 Have a say .

The so-called popular content is to make ? After listening and reading, I can't help but comment 、 Praise and forward .

The third step : Tiktok operation

 Tiktok powder ? Chef Gu Shengnan chill tiktok exposure !

 Tiktok powder ? Chef Gu Shengnan chill tiktok exposure !

The cover carries the biggest highlight of a video

Recommended selection ? Things as covers

beautiful 、 Clear , Related to video theme

Keep the harmony of cover tone properly ?

 Tiktok powder ? Chef Gu Shengnan chill tiktok exposure !

 Tiktok powder ? Chef Gu Shengnan chill tiktok exposure !

The best time for video upload is 18 Point to 20 Between points

Once a week 3~5 Bar or so

More than one day is fine

But the best interval between each video upload is half an hour

gold 5 Second principle :

front 5 Seconds are the golden time for short videos , If the former 5 The second didn't catch ? Attention of households ?, They'll lose , So before 5 Seconds must have a burst point ( Level of appearance 、 figure 、 Curiosity 、 Miao Meng, etc ). If the explosion point appears later , Can skillfully use the text guide .

Fancy copywriting routine :

Lack of eye-catching highlights in the first three seconds of the video , But nuclear ? When the explosion point is still not reached , You can use suspense ? case . Use interrogative sentences to set suspense , Arouse users' curiosity , send ? Keep patience until the explosion point appears .

Comment on the first assist :

After the video is released , In the comments area, we will be the first to post the God comments related to the video , Stir up the atmosphere in the comment area . Interesting God reviews can enhance the user's enthusiasm for interaction , Let the user praise the message , It helps to improve the recommendation of video .

Did Gu Shengnan succeed in his final promotion ?

 Tiktok powder ? Chef Gu Shengnan chill tiktok exposure !

Want to get more new media dry goods ?

 Tiktok powder ? Chef Gu Shengnan chill tiktok exposure !

Action is better than action ,

Focus on New Media Laboratory ,

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