What is the cost threshold for bomb disposal expert 2? Is there a big profit margin? How much is the box office expected?
Film agent Mr. Li 2020-11-27 14:30:34
Drama name :《 Bomb disposal experts 2》
type : action 、 crime
The director : Qiu Litao
actor : Lau Andy 、 Sean Andy 、 Ni Ni 、 Xie Junhao 、 Jiang Haowen 、 Ma Yuke 、 Hong Tianming 、 Wu zhuoxi 、 Huang Debin 、 Cai Hanyi 、 Zhang Junjie 、 Angie · Avista 、 Dai Jie 、 Sean · Tierney 、 Lai Zhiqun 、
The writers : Qiu Litao 、 Li Min 、 Li Sheng
Supervise the manufacture of : Lau Andy
Sound effect : Diego Marcone
Stunt Director : Li Zhongzhi
Special effects artist : Li Zhongzhi
Release time :2020( The Chinese mainland ) 

Project highlights :

  One 、 The story is new :
  The film tells of : Andy Lau plays the bomb disposal expert [ Pan Chengfeng ] He was suspected by the police because he was unconscious at the bomb disposal site , In order to get rid of my suspicion , For the safety of Hong Kong people , He had to get out of prison and look for the truth .
Liu Dehua, Liu Qingyun 18 We'll work together in a year's time ,《 Bomb disposal experts 2》 It's a movie by Andy Lau 、 Ni Ni 、 Hong Kong action crime movie starring Liu Qingyun and others . It's been a long time since the last cooperation 18 years , This time, 《 Bomb disposal experts 2》 Can be seen in “ Sean Andy + Lau Andy ” The wonderful performance of the two film masters , There is no doubt that more expectations have been added to the film ! 

Two 、 More shocking :
It is reported that , stay 《 Bomb disposal experts 2》 in , Whether it's scenes or special effects , Compared with previous works, it will be upgraded in all aspects .
The highlight of the film is the completion of a live view of Hong Kong's landmark building , The grand scenes and explosion effects also increased the workload of the crew , For the best results , The post production of the film will be as long as 10 Months .
3、 ... and 、 New year's Day is the most anticipated Hong Kong film :
stay 《 Bomb disposal experts 2》 in , There will be more and more enemies and us 、 The plot of the confrontation between the police and the bandits , Fighting scenes will also be more exciting . meanwhile , There will also be more familiar faces to join , stay 《 Bomb disposal experts 》 Jiang Haowen has a wonderful performance in it 、 Wu zhuoxi 、 BabyJohn 、 Zhang Junjie and others will return .15671063961
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