41 hours! The murder suspect was about to hide in the vast mountain area before the Hefei police arrested him
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10 month 9 Japan , Gao'an City, Jiangxi Province 320 There is a motorcycle with dust in front of a restaurant near the national highway . In the hotel , Diners eat and chat , It's very lively . In a humble corner , A young man was engrossed in his meal , Different from the customers around , His face was alert , From time to time I look up at the door .

In a moment , Five men came in through the door , As they chatted, they went to the table nearest to the young man and sat down , The young man who was eating suddenly got nervous . However , The five men who came in ordered the food , Then they continued to chat , There's nothing unusual about it . The young man gradually relaxed .

Over time , There are fewer and fewer customers in the hotel , All of a sudden , Five men suddenly got up and jumped at the young man next to him , Control it ,“ The police ! Hold it !”

41 Hours ! The murder suspect is about to hide in the vast mountain area , Hefei police arrested him

A man stabbed a worker in a homicide

2020 year 10 month 7 Friday night , The new station branch of Hefei public security bureau received an alarm :“ Someone killed someone in our company dormitory ! Come on, you guys !”

The police on duty of 30 police stations of the new station police station immediately arrived at the scene of the crime , There was only one 50 A multi-year-old man falls in a pool of blood , There are multiple stab wounds on my body , The police immediately cooperated with 120 Send the man to the doctor , After the rescue invalid death .

according to the understanding of , In the evening 8 Time , In the apartment where the crime was committed ,29 Zhou and 50 The year old Fu has a dispute over trifles , In the course of the dispute , Zhou took out the folding dagger , To pay someone's head 、 Chest and other parts of the spine several times , And then he fled the scene , Another room friend in the room rushed to the police .

The police of the new station quickly started the mechanism of homicide detection , After a preliminary investigation , Zhou is from Yichun, Jiangxi Province , last year 9 I came to work in the company in January , Usually the main job is to drive trucks .

Accurately predict and lock the escape route

Through investigation , After the police learned that Zhou fled the scene , Take a taxi to Anqing , After learning the clues , Police set up checkpoints at the highway crossing to arrest , I didn't expect the suspect to be very cunning , I got off the bus ahead of time at the intersection of Tongcheng expressway , When the intercepting police have this information , The suspect is missing .

What to do next ? The direction of the investigation is crucial . After studying and judging , According to the suspect's escape route , Judging that it is ready to flee back to the mountain area of Yichun hometown .

The police quickly rushed to Jiangxi , With the cooperation of the local police , At the junction of Anhui and Jiangxi , By reading video surveillance , Sure enough, I found Zhou's figure .

Pass screening 3000 After multiple vehicles , The police finally found that Zhou was riding a motorcycle into Jiangxi Province . After the check , Zhou stole a motorcycle in Tongcheng , Riding through Anqing 、 Buried hill 、 Huangmei 、 Jiujiang 、 Nanchang fled all the way , When the police find out about it , Zhou has already fled to Yichun's hometown .

after 41 Hours in the hotel

Although there is still no exact whereabouts of Zhou , But there's nothing wrong with the direction of the investigation , This gives the police confidence ,“ He must be going back home , And there's only one way back to his hometown , We decided to search along the way .” Then the police were divided into 5 An arrest team , Drive all the way to search for .

10 month 9 Japan , The police were arrested in front of a small restaurant by the road , I found the motorcycle Zhou was riding in the video ,“ The suspect may be in there , Ready to catch .” Police in civilian clothes enter the hotel , At first sight, I saw Zhou who was eating , Considering that Zhou may be carrying a murder weapon , A rash arrest may cause harm to the surrounding people , There was no immediate action to arrest the police , Instead, he pretended to be a customer who came to the restaurant for dinner and sat near Zhou , While pretending to chat , While quietly observing Zhou .

41 Hours ! The murder suspect is about to hide in the vast mountain area , Hefei police arrested him

When most of the customers leave the hotel , After confirming that the surroundings are safe , Arrest the police and act immediately , Arrest Zhou on the spot . At this time, the case occurred only in the past 41 Hours .

After trial , Zhou confessed to the fact of his crime , It turns out that Zhou and Fu have always been in conflict with each other due to work handover , There were many quarrels during this period .10 month 7 On Tuesday night , After another quarrel between Zhou and fu , Zhou took out the spring dagger that he carried with him , Stab Fu a few times and then run away .

at present , The suspect, Zhou, has been arrested for suspected manslaughter , The case is still under investigation .

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source : Hefei police
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