How much is the cost threshold of movies? Is there a big profit margin? Is it reliable?
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title :《 The crowd is surging 》
type : The plot 、 comedy 、 crime
The director : Rao Xiaozhi
actor : Lau Andy 、 Xiao Yang 、 Wan Xi 、 Cheng Yi
The writers : Fan Xiang / Li Xiang
Chief producer : Liang Lin
Film producer : Zhang Ning
The length of the film :120 minute
Production cost :4 Billion
Production company : Shenzhen Yiyi Yiyi culture media Co., Ltd 、 Movie of the Emperor 、 Light media
    The movie 《 The crowd is surging 》 A plot starred by Andy Lau 、 comedy 、 Crime type movies , It mainly tells the whole story of cold-blooded killers ( Lau Andy Decoration ) And Chen Xiaomeng ( Xiao Yang Decoration ), They exchanged identities in an accident , This leads to a series of humorous stories . 

Film project advantages :
1、 The film type belongs to comedy film , The audience is large .
2、 Produce , Propaganda and distribution companies belong to old film companies , Too many good movies .
3、 The creative team is excellent . Both the director and the actor belong to the power school .
4、 It's a remake , In Japan and Korea, the response was good , There is a certain box office basis .
5、 This film is guaranteed 8 Billion , Greatly reduce the investment risk . 

Film investment related questions answer :
1、 What is a co producer ?
The film company that makes the film is called the producer , The film companies that invest in films are called co producers , And we, the individual investors, are the co producers .
2、 Film and television companies are not short of money , Why do we have to inject capital ?
Generally speaking , The film production company makes several films a year , Need to get money back faster , Go into the next film . So the production company will sell a small part of it , Give it to a third-party platform to raise funds , The purpose is also to promote the film .
3、 What is the formal process of film and television investment ?
First step , Understand the project ; The second step , Sign a written contract , Determine the share ; The third step , Pay investment money to film and television companies ; Step four , Online cinema ; Step five , According to the statistical box office income and other income to determine the proportion of dividends and dividends .
4、 How investors invest in movies ?
1. To choose a regular film and television company , To check the company's business license and other relevant qualification materials .2. Choose authentic and reliable film and television projects , It is necessary to confirm the real existence of the project and put it on record in SARFT .3. To ensure the safety of funds . Make sure it goes into the company's corporate account , And check whether the account name is consistent with the contract .
5、 Can individuals also invest in films ?
《 Film regulations 》 Make it clear : The State encourages enterprises to 、 Public institutions and other social organizations and individuals subsidize 、 Participate in film production in the form of investment . The specific measures are formulated by the administrative department of radio, film and television under the State Council .15671063961 
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