Basic salary exposure of VMware employees: 1.47 million cloud management technicians
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Businesses are moving to the cloud , This has led to professionals becoming hot cakes .

VMware The basic salary of employees is exposed : Cloud management technicians 147 ten thousand

According to the Indeed stay 2018 A report released in showed that , The number of posts with keywords related to the cloud has soared , Employer vs “ Cloud Engineer ” In three years' time, interest in 31%.

Enterprises follow the principle of H1-B When the visa program employs foreign workers , Relevant information has to be disclosed , Including salary ( Or, in some cases, the salary range ), To show how much money these big companies are willing to pay for technical talent . therefore , In order to understand the salary situation of today's cloud jobs , Through the analysis of the office of foreign labor certification 2019 Wage disclosure data for permanent and temporary foreign workers in , To understand the company's talent for key cloud jobs ( Including sales people 、 Engineers and architects ) How high a salary to pay .

Corporate giants VMware Gambling on Cloud Applications and security .

VMware Successive acquisitions Heptio、Pivotal and Carbon Black Companies such as , Gambling on Cloud Applications and cloud security . It's been working with AWS Build partnerships with cloud giants like Microsoft .

The following is according to 8 The approved visa application shows VMware Recently recruited personnel and their annual salary :

Cloud management technicians ( California ):215340 dollar

VMware Cloud platform UI Technician ( California ):134000 dollar

Cloud Service Engineer Technician ( California ):123000 dollar

Software defined data center multi cloud Technician ( California ):137862 dollar

AWS Cloud Service Support Engineer ( Georgia ):79996 dollar

Cloud site Reliability Engineer ( California ):125000 dollar

Horizo Cloud Technical support engineer ( Georgia ):84988 dollar

Cloud developer in charge ( California ):202982 dollar
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