Why do many big companies work overtime seriously, while small companies don't work very much?
Lanmeng Fengxi 2020-11-27 14:18:00
Today's article , I'd like to share with you all my years of , Some observations and feelings about China's social workplace , The article won't be long , Quan should talk to you .

Last night, 10 O 'clock , A friend of mine called to talk , Take care of each other , Chatting, I found that he just left work at that time , And this overtime has been going on for a long time .

My friend works in a famous real estate company , The top one in the country , There are also some friends , There are big Internet companies , There are some in large state-owned construction enterprises , There are some in those big real estate companies .

It's all big companies 、 Big business , And I find that they have one thing in common —— Overtime is serious , And there's no discussion about adding classes —— Whether you like it or not , If you say overtime, you have to work overtime .

meanwhile , And the most important thing is , These overtime activities , No overtime pay , Although the company has a good name, it can take a rest , But there are a lot of things that belong to you , Not at all , So in the end, overtime becomes unpaid work .

There is a friend in the financial system of a big real estate company , In the middle of the year , Crazy overtime , Often until one or two in the morning , the second day 9 It's still normal to rush to work , Such overtime , There are only short paychecks and late night taxi reimbursement , Nothing else .

 Why do many big companies work overtime seriously , And small companies don't work much overtime ?

I asked her why she didn't quit , This is a life in exchange for money ! She said this year because of the epidemic, the economy is not good , Dare not resign . As for the friend mentioned at the beginning of the article , Also very dissatisfied with the company to work overtime at will 、 Free to move urine , But the mortgage is on the body , The cost of living is high , I dare not act rashly , Choose to endure in silence .

From the perspective of migrant workers , Why accept this kind of unpaid overtime 、 Exploitative work , The reason is nothing more than to provide a house to support the family , I need a stable income .

From the capitalist's point of view , Why do these big companies dare to oppress and exploit their employees wantonly , Make the overtime situation so serious ?

For some workers who suffer from overtime exploitation temporarily , When their economic conditions come back , I'm sure I'll abandon this working environment , It's impossible to endure it all the time , It's been a long time to endure for a year .

And companies dare to do it all the time , Or because you don't have to worry about hiring people .

A large company , Bring your own halo , Especially in China .

 Why do many big companies work overtime seriously , And small companies don't work much overtime ?

At dinner time , We exchanged greetings , Where do you work ? You said I was in the news , I'm in , I'm in a certain subject …… The eyes of the people next to you will be brighter , If you're in an unknown company , I guess I'm a bit embarrassed to say it .

This is the current reality , Big companies have their own halo in people's eyes , It's a symbol of stability 、 decent 、 Large platform 、 Big space for development , As long as you can get into a big company , You won't choose a small company .

So there are countless people flocking to big companies , So big companies don't have to worry about finding people , One left , One hundred applicants are coming soon .

And big companies have a wide range of business 、 There are many business lines , The workflow is complete and comprehensive , We're all screws , One or two people are missing , It doesn't affect the operation of the system at all , And the company's recruitment 、 Training system , We can arrange new people to this position immediately , Wait a minute 10 Half a month , The business is skilled .

So the average employee , Even if it's the departure of an executive , The impact on big companies , It's all tiny .

The reason is , In the labor market , The company has a strong bargaining power , And individuals are humble in the face of these Big Macs , No bargaining power .

In this way , Big companies are unscrupulous , Work overtime 、996 All kinds of greetings , Squeeze the manpower to the limit .

From my own experience , And the experience of my friends around me , I found another interesting phenomenon —— Small companies don't usually work overtime .

 Why do many big companies work overtime seriously , And small companies don't work much overtime ?

Like myself , I was in a startup , And two friends , Stay in the line of business 、 Cash flow is relatively stable in small companies , Combining our experience , All found that small companies do not work overtime .

According to some people's inherent ideas —— Small companies are unstable and informal , It's certain that all kinds of overtime work is squeezing manpower , But the reality is the opposite !

What's the reason ?

Just a little , If a small company is as crazy as a big company to work overtime free of charge , To squeeze manpower , It's going to close the company in minutes .

Why? ? Because people run away , That's the bare commander of the founding team .

People's big companies dare to drive the donkey to pull the mill , It's because they're a big company , There is a brand aura , The masses are flocking to , Big companies also know that they like big platforms 、 Big system , I can't walk easily , Even if you leave, you'll be able to come right away , So it's self willed .

Small companies are very different , No halo , There are also many questions ——“ This is a small company , Then I have to think about it ”, If you work overtime like crazy , Employees will walk without hesitation or head back ,“ It's a small company , You can't bear the risk of working , You still work overtime every day , I quit !”

 Why do many big companies work overtime seriously , And small companies don't work much overtime ?

There's one more thing , The survival difficulty of small companies , Much bigger than big companies , A lot of small companies that can survive and survive steadily , They all have their own fixed lines of business , Cash flow is also healthy .

Due to the simplification of the structure , Small companies are not like big companies , The staff structure is streamlined , We're all screws , Small companies often look at individuals in key positions , Sometimes a reliable person goes away , Maybe this line of business will be hit hard , The company also suffered a lot .

therefore Small companies, on the other hand, pay more attention to people's stability , People's relationship is also generally closer than that of people in large companies .

Last but not least , A lot of small companies rely on business segments , The size of the cake is fixed , And most of these areas have information gaps with the outside world , No one knows that you're making a lot of money , But if you want to keep growing , There's no possibility , So people don't have such a big demand for overtime —— Not so much business to expand !

 Why do many big companies work overtime seriously , And small companies don't work much overtime ?

So take it all together , Stabilize the surviving small companies , Most of them become small and beautiful .

So it's an interesting phenomenon —— Big companies work overtime like crazy , Small companies don't work much overtime .
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