You know, I've sorted out 15 ways we can make money
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One day's income of we media is equivalent to my salary of one year , go , Do we media . And it started with these two events , We media is hot . But , Two years on ,99% We media people are still struggling to explore the profit model .

Do self media , Charge such a high-level advertising fee , In addition to the two excellent products mentioned at the beginning of the article , It never happened .

But it doesn't mean that we media has no way out , Now there are a lot of we media that are very moist , In this paper, we introduce 15 How to make money , Lu Songsong has been in contact with a lot of , For example, platform advertising is divided into 、 Advertising revenue 、 Publicity 、 Brand placement 、 speech 、 Membership 、 publish books 、 Offline activities . So this article introduces we media people 15 A way to make money , For your consideration .

 How we make money , You know what? , I organized fifteen

1、 Self media platform

Now many large Internet companies have established we media platforms , Nesting Phoenix , Attract we media to settle in , Divide advertising for we media people , Famous like Baidu , A hundred , It's only been on line for half a month , Some of US media people earn more than 10000 yuan , Of course , This method is suitable for we media people who can write better , You need some writing skills .

2、 Advertising revenue

Since we media have the word media , Naturally, it has media properties , Before, in traditional media , television 、 newspaper 、 What does a magazine make money on ? I Believe , The biggest piece must be advertising , We media is no exception , The first income of many we media people may be advertising expenses .

There are two kinds of advertisements : Hard and soft , Hard advertising is the nature of naked advertising , It is easy to arouse the disgust of concerned users ; Soft text is much better , Well written soft text , You don't even think it's an advertisement , Generally, we media charges are based on factors such as activity and attention . Hundreds and thousands .

 How we make money , You know what? , I organized fifteen

3、 Publicity

Public relations publicity is mainly soft text , At present, many we media are different from soft articles in the form of exclusive interviews , So the exclusive interview is much higher than the soft text , For small companies that can't find media interviews , This we media undoubtedly plays an important role . When it comes to communication , In addition to writing expenses, we media may also have some promotion expenses .

4、 Brand placement

Strictly speaking , Brand placement is also a kind of advertisement , But it is more moistening and silent , I'll give you the simplest example to illustrate hard broadcasting 、 Soft text and brand products / Differences in service placement .

for example : The transformers 3 Many of them are soft advertisements , Let the user produce a lot of intuitive images . Such as Shuhua milk is a soft example , And when you show the place directly , Direct lighting position , It is also a hard advertisement , One of the cars is equivalent to brand implantation .

Be careful : Generally speaking, only we media celebrities are qualified to participate in the brand placement of well-known brands , Most we media people can only hope and sigh .

5、 Online retailers

We media is not necessarily a group of people who write articles , It may also be an expert in a certain field , Such as the experience of buying all kinds of things , Because they have unique insight , People who are interested in this will pay attention to them , After the order to recommend products and what , A lot of people will pay .

We media make more money , They are generally opinion leaders , Can affect a lot of people , most important of all , These people buy things directly , That is, their we media value .

 How we make money , You know what? , I organized fifteen

7、 Consulting services

Generally speaking, the money for this service is not easy for non professionals , Because you're good at something , Peer recognition , Then ask you for some project questions , It can be charged completely , We media people are quite difficult , Maybe the interview is more reliable !

8、 speech , train

Media people's development in many aspects , You can also write well , Let's talk slowly , Then slowly to do the speech and training , Usually attend a business talk , Look at the industry impact process , Can be as little as thousands of yuan to tens of thousands of different labor costs , We media do well , There are usually learners , For example, users fans or enterprises need some internal training ( The effect is generally better than those lecturers in society ), The price is not cheap , once 5000 Tens of thousands , How many times a month , The income is good, too !

9、 Membership

In fact, paying membership is a thankless thing , The number of people who pay is good , You can ask more people to maintain it , In the case of few members , I can't afford to hire anyone , Serve members on their own for one to two years , The difficulty is unimaginable .

such as : Luo Ji thought is membership system , 20000 members in all 960 Ten thousand membership fees , There are still some members , Members can enjoy free participation in some sections or give away popular books and consulting services .

10、 News client

Sina / sohu / Netease and other news client fees , Among them, Sohu can achieve 500-1000, If the output of we media is one month 20 piece , It's also 20, 000 , There are many times when manuscripts can't be distributed exclusively , Of course, if you focus on one platform, write ten articles and eight articles , It's also a huge income , Plus the client has new advertising and sharing plan , Maybe we can make some extra income .

 How we make money , You know what? , I organized fifteen

11、 publish books

Some of them are good at writing , I feel that only we media platform has too little advertising , You can also publish your own books , But it requires a lot more writing . At present, there are also low-cost e-book models , Many micro-blog and WeChat official account sell electronic books. .

12、 By " have a sugar baby " Or job hopping

This is the relationship between many enterprises and we media , After we media form a certain brand value , It will be injected or acquired by some large institutions , We media do well , It's very common to be poached and job hopping .

13、 Direct sale

Now, WeChat official account or micro-blog account is being resold directly. , Have a say , Someone uses one 20 WeChat's official account for users has changed to a few four hundred thousand yuan off-road vehicles. .

14、 Offline activities

At present, many activities of we media are commonly used : Organize online users to participate in offline activities , such as , For food, we media can share food ; For tourism, we media can organize travel gatherings , This kind of offline activities can apply for sponsorship fee or venue support from businesses , If you don't want businesses to join , It can also be used. AA In the form of the system, reasonable fees are charged to the participants .

15、 other

In fact, there are many ways , Of course, we media positioning suggestions : It's best to make recommendations only , Don't sell ; Help others succeed , You'll make money by yourself ; Write your own manuscript , Copyright requires a variety of , The future development direction is not big , So we want to create value for others !

The above 15 ways we media make money , It's not always single , Often mixed , such as : Recruiting members to attract a group of loyal users , Then give them online training , Or consulting services , Another example : Some we media seem to be doing membership , But in fact, it is a kind of model called advertising fee front , First of all, I'll charge you a membership fee , Then let the business give the member welfare , They do not charge sponsorship fees from businesses , It's a very clever way , Make money first , And then I'm going to advertise it , There will be no objection , Because it's to give benefits to members . This is higher , You can learn !

 How we make money , You know what? , I organized fifteen

summary :

From the perspective of harmonious network marketing , Fans economy

The success of we media , It's full of emotional marketing , If you're an opinion leader , Many opinion leaders can influence many people , If you recommend each other again , The effect is very good .

We media people make money in any way , As long as we can live in dignity , We can even make our own business , No matter how , That would be a successful transition from we media to business .