delay? Wake up! 2021 is the easiest year to apply for Canada
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Most schools in China officially open in autumn , It seems that the anti epidemic work in China has gradually come to an end , There seems to be no downward trend in epidemic data from abroad . As of early September , Canada, a vast and sparsely populated country, still exists 7000+ Confirmed case . Although this number is almost no threat in the mainstream countries studying abroad , however The Canadian government still attaches great importance to epidemic prevention : The border has not yet been opened , Schools are almost all online classes , Can offline teaching resume next semester , No one really knows .

It's almost normal for us to see parents anxious : Some children can't come back abroad , Parents are worried about the epidemic ; Some of the kids are back , Parents worry about the quality of online classes ; There are another batch. “ Lucky dog ”, I finally got it this year Dream School The letter of acceptance of , It's just that the epidemic situation in foreign countries is stuck at home and can't go abroad .

Different status quo , The same voices and doubts have sprung up : Do I have to apply this year ? Do you want to postpone the application ? Go abroad when the epidemic is over ?

According to the survey data of the future going abroad to Canada , near 30% Of the parents and students have the above doubts , And have plans to postpone the application or enrollment . They find experts from New Oriental in different ways , I hope we can escort the children's study abroad plan .

As a practitioner 10 I'm a planning teacher and senior Canadian student , today , We're talking about the doubts that have arisen recently , There are two common postponements to be discussed :

One 、 Have got Offer, Whether or not to delay going abroad

Our answer is : Don't suggest .

01、 The new outbreak is temporary , And undergraduate study needs to last at least four years , It's a long process . We should believe in medicine 、 The population of Canada will be controlled by developed technology , This is not a matter of considering whether to study abroad .

02、 China's education tends to be continuous , Students have maintained a very good learning inertia , Sudden delay can change the state and habit of learning , For students to maintain a stable and good academic performance is very unfavorable . Especially after the third year of senior high school students admitted undergraduate , In particular, we do not recommend that you postpone , Because usually a person's best learning state is before and after the college entrance examination .

03、 Some students will say :“ teacher , Postpone. I'm not idle , I can do something else , Like looking for a job , This can increase work experience , Increase your job search weight .” Here I want to clarify a mistake for you , Usually, we suggest that we should improve the background when we plan to study abroad ( For example, scientific research or internship ), It's the use of time outside of study , Instead of sacrificing learning time completely , This puts the cart before the horse .

and , Imagine a high school or junior high school graduate , Go straight into society to find a job , What you can get must be very basic job responsibilities , It's also a year , The career starting point of undergraduate or master's graduates is totally different , therefore , At least after finishing the bachelor's degree , It's also saving your own time .

Of course , Canadian COOP With the exception of , Because it comes from the special education system in Canada , get COOP Offer Classmate , Working hours are calculated as study time and can be converted into credits .

04、 Online class at home this fall , In fact, it also saves people's living costs .

Need to know , Plane ticket 、 Foreign dormitories 、 Food and other living expenses account for almost half of the cost of studying abroad . Online lessons at home , You can save a lot of money . Many parents of young students , I have been worried about children's learning consciousness and self-care ability , This can be achieved easily “ study companion ” 了 .

05、 Online class , Can't see teachers and classmates directly , It's all via video communication 、 Email or chat platform to achieve , In fact, to a certain extent, it promotes children's communication and communication skills , This point , It's also very important in the future workplace .

06、 New Oriental has many corresponding online class companion tools , It can help people get through the difficulties .

For example, we prepare for the pre secondary school and British collar University 、 Graduate student academic pioneer , Can help students adapt to the English teaching mode and cultural differences between China and the West ; Another example is our overseas synchronous guidance , The tutor answers questions professionally + The head teacher has no dead end , Become everybody GPA The protection of .

07、 Some students in online classes in China are worried about their application for graduation work visa . Now? , The official website of Immigration Canada gives a clear answer : Online classes outside Canada do not affect the length of work permit !

Canada has always supported international students !

Two 、 I was going to apply this year , Whether it is necessary to delay or even change my application plan ?

As a teacher who has been studying in Canada for decades , Combined with the big data of New Oriental future to study in Canada , It's not hard to see , In recent years, the difficulty of applying for studying in Canada is undoubtedly increasing , From the growth of international classes , More and more Chinese students choose to study in Canada , In the past three years, the number of Indians applying to study in Canada has increased dramatically , Became the largest country for Canadian Applicants , so to speak , The application conditions for studying in Canada have been rising .

 delay ? Wake up! !2021 It's the easiest year to apply for Canada

Everyone's favor and choice , It marks the high gold content advantage of studying in Canada . As can be seen from the above figure , In the past seven years, Canadian undergraduate has been increasing the application conditions ( Such as college entrance examination results 、 Video interview 、 Additional instruments 、 Requirements for activities and backgrounds, etc ), The aim is to select the best people .

The key is coming. ! This year, , Because of the epidemic , Some of Canada's top universities have quietly announced the relaxation of applicants' requirements on their official websites , Let's take a look at :

 delay ? Wake up! !2021 It's the easiest year to apply for Canada

University of Toronto For the students of ordinary high schools in China , It's always about the score of college entrance examination , If there is no college entrance examination results , You need to provide ACT or SAT achievement .

And this year , How old was the first time in Official website announcement : If the students of general high school don't have the results of college entrance examination , You can also submit an application ,ACT/SAT No As Mandatory submission criteria ! This is for 2021 For the students in autumn , No doubt it's super good news ! Of course , The school also said : If you already have ACT/SAT, Submitting it will facilitate the application .

 delay ? Wake up! !2021 It's the easiest year to apply for Canada

Again , For applicants in the U.S. system or in the U.S. class ,ACT/SAT Grades are also not mandatory , Please note that this rule is only for 2021 Applicants for .

To determine the authenticity of the above information , We sent an email to the University of Toronto admissions office , It also got a positive reply from the school , Confirm that there is no need to provide us students or Chinese college entrance examination students with ACT/SAT achievement .

 delay ? Wake up! !2021 It's the easiest year to apply for Canada

Following the good news announced by the University of Toronto , No. 1 in Canada McGill University , Also followed , Announced 2021 You are not required to provide ACT/SAT News of results !

 delay ? Wake up! !2021 It's the easiest year to apply for Canada

University of British Columbia How would it react ?

 delay ? Wake up! !2021 It's the easiest year to apply for Canada

They're still talking about it …… But it feels good news “ Be vividly portrayed ” ah !

I thought the epidemic was now , It will be very difficult to apply for studying abroad , Can't think of , Canada, which has always been humanized, has given you another Big Surprise, This undoubtedly makes 2021 It has become the most “ Easy to ” In the year ! No test SAT/ACT Happy for your classmates ! Of course , There has been a SAT/ACT It's obvious that 70% of the students will have more advantages in the application .

I wish you all the best this year !

Here it is , Future study experts also remind us not to be too optimistic :

“ Easy to ” It's easy to quote , Reduction of application requirements , It means more applicants meet the application requirements , So Canada's top schools are screening students “ The denominator ” Bigger .

There has been a SAT/ACT There is no doubt that our students have an advantage ; For no SAT/ACT For my classmates , Applications will get more intense . therefore , Increase your other soft power in addition to standardized results , It becomes more important .

For students applying for a Canadian undergraduate program , If you have a standardized score that meets the requirements , We strongly suggest that you can participate in some background improvement activities outside of learning , such as : Competitions in various disciplines 、 Scientific research training camp , Or related internships and certificates .

For more details, you can consult the teachers of New Oriental future going abroad to Canada .

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 delay ? Wake up! !2021 It's the easiest year to apply for Canada

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