Fangzi District promotes department operation process reengineering
Handsome man 2020-11-27 12:32:34
In recent years , In order to adapt to the new situation 、 Fulfill new mission 、 Create a new situation , We will spare no effort to promote the in-depth development of the Department's operation process reengineering .

Work out the list of responsibilities and tasks of the working departments of the district government . The District issued 《 Notice on matters related to the compilation of the list of responsibilities and tasks of government departments 》, The work flow chart of responsibilities and tasks has been formulated 817 Zhang 、 Working standards 799 term , Minimize 152 Work links , To streamline the 78 Go through the formalities . Improve the list of department rights and responsibilities . Organize departments to compare “ Shandong provincial government departments power and responsibility list management system ” The list of rights and responsibilities in the , The existing problems have been rectified 72 term . To improve the boundary of the responsibilities of government departments . Organization district level 37 Departments and units sort out the list of responsibility boundary matters , Focus on caring for the masses 、 Hot spots of social concern 、 Difficult issues are included in the scope of responsibility boundary list compilation , Confirm that the second batch of responsibility boundary matters list of district government departments involves 44 Responsibilities boundary matters . We should promote the supervision of the operation of the functions of the organs . Printed out 《 Weifang Fangzi District District functional operation evaluation program 》,37 According to the functional allocation and adjustment of the evaluation unit 、 To evaluate the operation of the Department . Promote the process reengineering of all departments .37 Four departments have worked out the implementation plan of operation process reengineering . The system is flat 、 Synergize 、 Through matters 98 term , Various working systems 30 Remainder , Typical cases of work 5 term , Establish rules for deliberation and coordination 44 term , The work efficiency and operation quality have been improved .

【 source : Weifang daily 】

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