be careful! These tiktok can quickly increase your video volume.
Chai Xiao~ 2020-11-27 11:42:51

In the existing short video software , Tiktok is the most popular nowadays. APP 了 . Tiktok tiktok is more visible to his own quiver. 、 Attract more traffic , Tiktok is the time to release the short video. , Because the traffic of each time period is different .

 Be careful ! These tiktok can quickly increase your video volume.

According to the statistical results of tremble data, tiktok , In the morning 7-9 spot 、 At noon, 12-13 spot 、 In the afternoon 21 O'clock and Saturday and Sunday , These time periods , Released videos are easier for more people to see , The probability of being popular will also be greater .

One 、 Recognized best launch time

The first time is in the morning 7-9 spot , At this time, we usually just wake up , Lay tiktok on the bed. , Or just take a look on the way to work .

The second period is at noon 12 In the afternoon 1 spot , This time is usually called the rush hour , This period is people's lunch break , Tiktok is also a lot of people. , A break between meals or meals , Many people will mobile phone to brush tiktok. .

The third time period is in the afternoon 4-6 spot , Because the city's tiktok is mostly a second-class office worker. , This time period is basically people's off-duty time , Tiktok is also a lot of people. .

 Be careful ! These tiktok can quickly increase your video volume.

The fourth period is at night 9 spot , We call it the late peak , At this time, everyone's Day is basically over , At the same time, this time is also the highest volume of tiktok in a day. .

Finally, it's weekend time , We all have a rest on Saturdays and Sundays , So tiktok is the peak time of the flow. , We can also release short videos in these two days .

Two 、 What should I pay attention to when publishing works

1、 Refer to the release time of large works of the same type

There are tiktok accounts. , But any account is made , You can find similarities .

Same type of video , Why accounts with high popularity are successful , Except earlier in the game 、 Better content 、 Better copywriting, etc , Their release time is also worthy of our reference and reference .

 Be careful ! These tiktok can quickly increase your video volume.

In those big time periods when blockbuster content is released , The user feedback of this type of tag must be very high , So for the new one , Follow first , Another alternative peak staggering .

2、 Understand the usage time of mainstream user groups

In addition to reference to the same type of large size , We can also combine our own products 、 service 、 The mainstream users of tags use scenarios to decide when to publish works .

For example, hypnotic video should avoid the day , Sentimental video should be put into the evening .

If you make a gourmet account , We must think about it : What kind of situation do users usually look at your content ? Before dinner 、 On the evening of 22 After the point 、 On the way to work , All of these times are OK . Demand can lead to interaction , Interaction makes it easier for you to be popular .

 Be careful ! These tiktok can quickly increase your video volume.

3. Focus on hot search , First time release content

hotspot 、 Hot search 、 Platform activities , It's the entrance that can bring a lot of exposure . When publishing content , Find what's right for you " Instant hot spot ", Fast tracking , Create and publish content in a timely manner , Get ahead , The first time to attract the attention of the audience , This is what many large accounts do .

Thank you for seeing all of you here ~ Welcome to your attention , To bring you more quality short video content !
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