Jitter for tiktok, illegal accounts and content 2020.11
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To advocate beauty 、 Positive community atmosphere , Build health 、 Valuable platform , Tiktok platform continues to crack down on cheating 、 Account number and illegal content .

2020 year 10 month 1 solstice 10 month 31 Japan , Shaking platform tiktok cleaning up 133904 Article Video ,33028 Audio ,1862 Challenges , Permanent ban 836100 Account number .

Faking celebrities is a common cheating method of gangs , Behavior violates the tiktok related conventions. .10 month , Jitter safety center increases the tiktok strike , A total of permanent ban on counterfeit celebrity accounts 51921 More than a . all the time , We are all interested in the relevant content 、 Attack the account firmly , And cooperate with the public security organs to deal with it .

7 Month begins , We started “ Cracking down on whoring in the same city 、 Pornographic drainage ” Special action .10 During the month , Tiktok safety center permanently banned pornography and pornography. 472797 individual , No account fraud 54358 individual . Tiktok centralized utilization “ Soft porn ” Information eye 、 Relevant account number of earning traffic , Once found, the account number will be strictly punished . Tiktok will still unswervingly attack cyber pornography. , And cooperate with the public security organs to deal with it , Also hope that the majority of users will actively complain to us 、 report .

Jitter to crack tiktok account to be severely punished , Over marketing 、 Severe punishment for machine painting praise .10 during one month , Cumulative ban of relevant accounts 49708 individual .

Tiktok carries out special treatment of illegal live broadcast accounts and contents , Focus on pornography 、 vulgar PK、 Induced reward fraud 、 Violation of the rights and interests of minors , Continue to strengthen rectification . According to community rules , Tiktok ban live broadcast permission 8083 individual , Permanently ban live broadcast account 20492 individual .

Illegal elements through illegal trading social platform accounts to conduct network fraud and other illegal acts , Network environment for users 、 Property security poses a huge threat . Tiktok resolutely resists such behavior. , since 7 Since the establishment of the special project of cracking down on the illegal production of breeding number in January , Jitter safety center is closed, involving more than tiktok accounts. 300 m , Average daily interception of cheating behavior of raising number more than 200 Ten thousand times .

Tiktok platform reminds users to improve network security awareness , Gambling induced by making friends on the Internet 、 The loan 、 Rebate 、 Win the prize 、 Vigilance against network fraud such as part-time online reviewers , Avoid property damage . Once cheated , Call in time 110 Or report to the nearest public security organ .

As a platform , Tiktok has been working to provide users with positive. 、 happy 、 green 、 Healthy content ecological environment .

Welcome users to become our social supervisor , If cheating is found on the platform 、 Account number and illegal content , You can report or send details to Report Mailbox :jubao@douyin.com , But please don't trust the customer service calls searched by other platforms , To avoid being deceived .

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2020 year 11 month 20 Japan

 Tiktok to cheat 、 Penalty notice of illegal account number and content | 2020.11

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