How to make Kwai fans soaring
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There are three ways to compute Kwai Fu video.

1、 Traffic assignment

Traffic pool for Kwai Fu video , It refers to the different flow positions obtained by different exposure . Kwai Fu video for any work. , Even advertising design works , Will be allocated a basic amount of play , It's about this amount 0-200 Time , and 150-200 This interval of broadcast data information is very important , Because fast video will be based on the Kwai Chung rate. 、 Comment rate and forward rate to determine whether to push to the next flow pool .? Asking price

2、 Stack recommendation

Kwai Kong Videos When distributing, the system will allocate a certain amount of recommendation , When the popularity of small video continues to rise , The system will give more recommendations to short videos by weighting , in addition to , The system will also be based on the broadcast completion rate of small video 、 Number of likes 、 Review rate and forward rate to get the number of recommendations , therefore , To get higher stack recommendations , We open the business and guide ordinary users to comment through the title of the small video .

3、 Heat weighting

The Kwai video small video's popularity of small video playback volume is general. It's all at the millions of playback levels , Their likes 、 The review rate and forwarding rate are also due to the leading status of Yao and Yao , This is the result of this layer of heat . commonly for , The key to the influence of data information on the heat weighting is the Kwai Fu video. : Forwarding rate > Comment rate > Point praise rate . therefore , We can also attract ordinary users to forward through hot topics when selecting topics 、 Comment on 、 give the thumbs-up , To increase the weighted heat of small video .

In order to get more traffic pool allocation resources 、 Superposition recommendation and heat weighting , It is also necessary to analyze the reasonable operation of their own accounts combined with data statistics , Here we recommend a Kwai Kong video small video data analysis tool. —— Flying Kwai data information quick Edition , Kwai Kwai data information quick edition will capture the popular hot video data in real time. , And through the algorithm for your comprehensive sorting show . Let you quickly discover the latest news of Kwai Kong video platform. , Grasp the hot trend , Hot pursuit 、 Fast production of popular video .

About Kwai fan price

1. The price of Kwai do business varies from time to time. , Based on the stability of the video platform

2. Need to know the current specific price can add fan net customer service

About Kwai Chai 1000 powder 、 Kwai Chai 1000 powder 、 Kwai Chai 1000 Is it true that fans and so on ? The answer must not be true , They're just headlines , Xiaobian, to tell you the truth, you can't find it all over the world !

Prices vary from period to period , Maybe there will be such a price in the future , But Xiaobian thinks the possibility is small , At present, the Kwai Fu official is becoming more and more standardized. The more stable period is, the lower the price is. .

Kwai short video beginners how to increase fans faster ?

1、 Focus on others in large quantities , This is bound to bring a lot of powder

2、 Cross correlation , Through cross related groups or post bar and other service platforms , Pay attention to others, and others will pay attention to you .

3、 Evaluate others , Constantly evaluating short Kwai short videos of strangers. , If you see someone Kwai do, leave a high quality evaluation. , Sitting on the sofa every time , Someone will notice you , Maybe someone will pick your Kwai short video. , This method is suitable for friends who have not run out of time .

4、 Kwai Kong short video with high quality , A Kwai short video with high quality will be many people. Share , But the premise is that you have enough fans . If you have few fans , Even the Kwai short video with high quality , By a lot of people The chance of sharing is very low . Maybe , You must catch the hot spots every day , Send Kwai short videos with high quality everyday. , If anyone saw it , Maybe choose to pay attention to you , Because you are - Their favorite short Kwai short videos .

Many a little make a mickle , You'll have more and more fans . But Kwai short video development stage , Increase Kwai fans by producing high quality short hand videos. , It takes a long time and energy .

For fast and fast hands, Kwai Kwai is a favorite.

1、 In fact, Kwai Kwai is now increasing rapidly. [ It does exist , But Kwai Fu is fast, and it's only probabilistic. , It's not always going to be hot , Therefore, everyone should not place all their hopes on fast and fast hands, and praise Kwai Kwai for the best. .

2、 So if everyone wants to start Kwai, increase the praise quickly. , I suggest that everyone can find Kwai fan network customer service consultation, for fast fans will quickly increase fans will fall? . In fact, there is no immediate consequence of Kwai Chung's rapid increase in fans. , You don't have to worry about anything , These announcements on Kwai's are just frightening people. , At present, there are so many people who are rapidly increasing fans , There is no such problem as the title , Therefore, everyone can rest assured to carry out the rapid increase of fans .

3, At present, the rapid increase of fans is usually directly to find the team to carry out practical operation , If you want to raise your fans , It's just a matter of finding a fast growing fan team to give you the actual operation .

Do you want to increase Kwai fan service platform? ?

1、 At present, it is very convenient to use fast hands to increase Kwai fan service platform and to order fans manually. , Just place your quick Kwai links on the service platform. , Then add the number of fans you need , Then the service platform will automatically help you to promote fans .

2、 Naturally, it's very inconvenient to start without using it , Often after the wrong brush , We have to keep asking , If you feel so inconvenient , I also suggest that you can go directly to a team that can quickly increase fans to help you improve your fans , You don't have to do anything all the way , Watch the fans improve .

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