Net 2020 as a part-time praise, for fraud funds!
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If someone tells you at this time ,

Just brush Kwai quickly. 、 Look at the tiktok ,

You can get a commission if you like it ,

Will people be moved ?

 Net net 2020 Part time job , Fraud funds !

Some people have beautiful dreams

Into such a platform ,

As a result, I didn't eat the big pie ,

I was trapped .

Case review

2020 year 7 month 12 On the afternoon of Sunday , Wu saw a group of people in WeChat group announced that the voice was tiktok, which could return the Commission. ,30 Like it and you'll get it 5 Yuan Commission . Wu added the other party's wechat “ Anxi ”, The other party asked her to pay attention to a tiktok. , And then I'm going to like the work , Like to reach 30 After a , The other party immediately transferred to her through Alipay. 5 Yuan .

The other side suddenly asked Wu whether he was interested in doing a part-time job , You can make some pocket money , Every single one has it 5% Commission . Wu felt that he was taking care of his children at home , It's good to make some pocket money , So download and register the other side recommended “ Today's goal ”APP, Mr. Wu filled in the employment application on the platform , Just one “ Dispatcher ” Connect with her , Start sending her orders . The first one is one 139 Yuan goods , Wu by scanning the collection code after payment , Customer service was paid to her through Alipay. 6.95 Yuan Commission . The second order , Wu found that he could not pay by scanning the QR code , So he was asked to transfer the money to a designated bank account , It's also a quick return 23 Yuan Commission . The third is the same operation , In just a few minutes , Wu made 34 yuan . Wu felt that such a part-time job at home was very free , You can make money with your fingers. This kind of thing is so suitable for a mother like her .

 Net net 2020 Part time job , Fraud funds !

 Net net 2020 Part time job , Fraud funds !

So she started to try “ Four in a row ” Mission , The prices of the four orders are 779 element 、1699 element 、2888 element 、6888 element , Wu did not worry at all to the other side's account four times to transfer total 12254 element . But this time she was told , Didn't brush the order as required , So it can't come back , The last order must be purchased 5 Time , So Wu needs to pay again 27552 Yuan is enough . In this case, Wu is short of funds , If you're a little flustered, go to wechat to ask “ Anxi ”,“ Anxi ” Said he could help pay for it 6888 element , Others are paid by Wu himself . therefore , Wu transferred money to the other party's account again 20664 element , The other party then timed out the task , The reason why the refund failed was to ask Wu to continue to complete a task , Wu realized that he had been cheated to report to the police station , At this time, Wu has been cheated 32918 element .

The fraud means of network loan are as follows :

Advertising temptation

adopt QQ、 WeChat 、 Small online ads attract target groups .

Download unknown software

Download false trading platform (APP Software ), Earn small commission by swiping orders .

Unknown account number of transfer

Try again , After increasing investment , Swindler to the task is not completed to brush the list and other reasons , Let you repeat the order , In order to recover the cost, the deeper and deeper until it is found that they are cheated .

There is no greed in the heart ,

Deception far away . Fraud is becoming more and more new ,

You and I must be careful .
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