Low cost + large flow, new play method of Baidu Library
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Use the library to present information to users 、 Brand layout 、 The promotion of long tail word ranking is called Library promotion , At present, the mainstream library has Baidu Library 、 Douding Library 、 Daoke Baba, etc , Among them, Baidu Library has the largest market share , Most popular with promoters .

Baidu Library is very popular with promoters , Because it has two advantages , First , Once the library we submit is approved , There's usually no need to lure spiders , Can be included .

secondly , Baidu Library belongs to Baidu products , As long as a collection, there will be a ranking , We use it for user search 、 Long tail words or enterprise brand words , Not only is the promotion cost low , And the effect is good , No matter how Baidu updates , The rankings will be stable 、 It's lasting .

 Low cost + Large flow , Baidu library new play

Although Baidu Library promotion has many advantages , But its operation is not small , Next , Raytheon drainage will tell you how to promote Baidu Library . Public number : Raytheon society

As the saying goes, no rules can be made , Baidu Library also has its own rules , If we master and understand these rules , Then it will be easier to promote , Raytheon drainage summed up the following Baidu Library promotion skills , I hope you will like .

 Low cost + Large flow , Baidu library new play

1. Avoid using a single account to promote : Raytheon drainage, I suggest you , Don't use only one account for promotion , It is best to apply for multiple Baidu library accounts , If you submit multiple documents that are not approved , The credit of the account will be reduced , If it is serious, it will even delete the documents you published before .

therefore , If you don't want to let your efforts go to waste , It's better to apply for more accounts , meanwhile , Don't post the same question or content on the same account , It's easy to be sealed .

 Low cost + Large flow , Baidu library new play

2. Baidu library document is also pagination code , While browsing , It's not good to have too many pages , Too little content to hold , therefore , The number of pages should be controlled in 3-6 page , Better not to exceed 10 Above page .

3. Good or bad headlines , Directly affect the effect of later promotion . If you do the Internet , The long tail word is “ How to do network marketing ”, In operation , We don't want to use this long tail as a title , It can be modified a little , such as : How to do network marketing ? Tips you have to know .

This kind of title will get more hits , Also consider repeatability , You can search for , If the title repeats too much , You can consider changing the title .

 Low cost + Large flow , Baidu library new play

4. After Raytheon drainage, our actual test , If the content of the article is original , It is more popular with Baidu Library , If the content is directly collected and uploaded , It's usually privatized , That is, only oneself can see , in other words , The content must be modified appropriately before it can be uploaded .

5. If the library level is not high , Don't insert links QQ Or contact number , No, it's no different , Of course, it doesn't mean you can't plug in a link , Links should be inserted in the header or footers , Don't insert it into the text ; About qq And the contact number , We can also replace it by sound like or form like , We measured Raytheon drainage , Even if the administrator sees it, it will not delete it .

Again , This method can also be used in other similar platforms , In Chinese , Let's use our imagination for this .

 Low cost + Large flow , Baidu library new play

6. You can't insert illegal pictures : Don't insert pornographic, gambling and drug type pictures and some marketing pictures , Baidu Library is also a manual audit , Seeing such pictures is not allowed to pass , Even if it passes, it will be deleted soon , I suggest you don't take this risk .

 Low cost + Large flow , Baidu library new play

Baidu Library's playing method attention point is probably said so much above , The method is not a layer of invariable , Again , Only practice it a few more times , In order to achieve good success . Public number : Raytheon society

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