What is the key to professional Q & a promotion?
Qingdeng Temple 2020-11-27 11:30:14
There are many enterprises or network promotion novice consult Xu Guoxiang , What is the key to Q & a promotion ? What problems should be paid attention to in order to make the published content produce better marketing effect ? Because there are too many friends to consult , Xu Guoxiang decided to take the form of words , Write a little article to tell you .

 What is the key to professional Q & a promotion ?

First , We should make clear what the goal of Q & a promotion is . I believe that for enterprises , The main purpose is to establish brand reputation on the Internet , Make the enterprise famous . After clarifying the goal of Q & a promotion , From the writing of the manuscript to the release of the content, we should serve this goal .

below , Let me start with Writing of manuscripts . Now, due to the strict control of advertising on major platforms, it is still very tough , So the editing of Q & a content should not be too Marketing , You can get it from the customer 、 Experts 、 Users and so on . Use more tactful words to promote enterprise products , And go deep into the hearts of consumers , And trigger their consumption impulse .

secondly , The major Q & A platforms for contact information 、 QR code 、 The content such as website is more sensitive . Some newly created new accounts should not send contact information , Otherwise, it is easy to be labeled by the platform . Like more customers ask to do Baidu know the platform , If the account level is higher , Contact information can be inserted , But not too many times .

When setting the question and answer content , It's best to stand by the consumer / From the user's point of view . This can refer to the relevant search platform , Because the problems displayed are generally common questions of users .

When answering questions , The script used should not be too professional or formal , This seems to be very advertising in nature . After all, today's users are smart , Therefore, attention should be paid to the use of words . If you have to answer professional content , It can be attached : The content comes from Baidu Encyclopedia .

 What is the key to professional Q & a promotion ?

Okay , After writing the question and answer content , Now let's talk about the key to professional Q & a promotion , The following points are all due to platform regulation 、 Platform rules and need to pay attention to . Do the following , It won't be too hard to promote .

1. Pay attention to account number

Before enterprises do Q & a promotion , It's best to create a batch of accounts first ; The same is true for novices . Maintain a batch of accounts , Pay attention to upgrade the level of some accounts , It is helpful to increase the authority of the platform and reduce the risk of seal number .

The best way to keep your account active , Don't ask multiple similar questions for each account , This is easy to attract the attention of the platform and lead to the title , The same account can't answer more than three similar questions in a day . You need to answer other questions on the platform , This helps to upgrade your account .

2. Be careful when publishing

This release aspect , Is involved IP The question of address . The account number for asking questions cannot be the same as that for answering questions IP Address . also , The best interval between questions and answers 10 About minutes . Do not advertise continuously on the same account , This will cause the user's attention or report .

 What is the key to professional Q & a promotion ?

The content mentioned above is all the experience accumulated by the whole network world team when working , We should pay attention to , And learn to accumulate experience and skills in practice . Okay , If there are more questions or business needs , You can leave a message , Xu Guoxiang is very happy to communicate with you , Thank you for reading ~
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