Why can the public opinion subside when the girl dies after taking antihypertensive drugs under the unbalanced situation of public opinion trust?
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In recent days, , Foshan, Guangdong Province 1 A 12-year-old girl swallowed half a bottle of antihypertensive drugs by mistake , Leading to acute renal failure , Rescue invalid death . It is reported that , The child and grandmother have high blood pressure , There are antihypertensive drugs in my pocket . When it is found that the drug was taken by the child by mistake , Most of the bottles are gone . Very flustered grandmother didn't dial first 120 Deliver medicine , Instead, I found the mother of the child who was at work at that time . Girls take medicine in the afternoon 2 Some more , It was afternoon when we got to the hospital 4 Half past six , Missed the best time to rescue , Unfortunately, he died .

After the incident was reported in the media , In the field of public opinion "1 year "" girl "" grandma "" drug " Such words as grabbing eyeballs and full of strong stimulation have aroused great doubts , It's generally believed that it's more like being together " Murder " Criminal cases of a nature . But judging from the current progress , The imbalance of trust between public opinions does not force the relevant follow-up to be followed up , With the decline of public opinion , The anger of the followers and the desire for truth gradually subsided , The violence of public opinion, which was to be set off, disappeared .

 Under the situation of public opinion trust imbalance, why can the public opinion subside after the girl died of taking antihypertensive drugs by mistake ?

According to the public opinion monitoring system eagle eye speed reading network shows ," The girl died after taking antihypertensive drugs " The overall popularity of the event and public opinion shows " A few " The development of glyphs ,11 month 19 At the beginning of the day, the heat value rose sharply to 20 It's peaking every day ,21 After that, the heat value will gradually drop .

from " Young children " To " girl ", The imbalance of public opinion trust is obvious

It can be seen from the source of public opinion of the early discovery system of hawk strike ,11 month 17 Japan 15:44, Foshan TV station's eye-catching video first reported " Shunde two-year-old children took antihypertensive drugs by mistake Rescue invalid death " the , Although the video uses " girl " This identity feature , But at the beginning of the media's written reports, it was not highlighted as the focus . until 11 month 19 Japan 10 when ,@ Guangdong TV's electric shock news Tracking this incident , More details are reported , Such as " A girl without her grandmother's attention "" Grandma did not send medical treatment in time, but first contacted the girl's mother "" I took thirty or forty antihypertensive drugs by mistake ";17 when @ People's Daily online According to this, we set up # The girl died after taking antihypertensive drugs # The topic of , The focus of the Internet has shifted to " girl " Come on the ID tag ;23 when @ Look at the news KNEWS Reports said "1 One year old child took half a bottle of antihypertensive drugs by mistake The patient died of acute renal failure ", The lower age of girls makes netizens lament , At the same time, it has left more imagination space for public opinion .

Under the discussion topic of netizens , The public opinion doubt deeply ferments

 Under the situation of public opinion trust imbalance, why can the public opinion subside after the girl died of taking antihypertensive drugs by mistake ?

Netizens discuss topics with " Express doubts , I'm afraid of " The number is the highest , , in turn, " Appeal for police intervention ", The proportion of the two reaches 72%. From netizens' doubts , One is " Guangdong girl " And " grandma " The strong contrast between the subjects of public opinion events triggered " Son preference " Public opinion imagination of , It has become an important driving force to speed up network communication ; Two is "1 I swallowed thirty or forty bitter pills " With the fact that children in life have difficulty taking medicine, the public opinion is worried ; Third, grandma's delay in treatment and lack of sense of responsibility for guardianship make public opinion dissatisfied , Based on the above three points , Netizens' doubts further ferment .

And this main point of view has also been criticized by some rational netizens , Or tell me from my own experience that I had eaten it when I was a child 、 Or popular science " icing " It's not easy to disintegrate 、 Or think that children can't be pushed by common sense , Refuting the claim that grandma murdered the girl ; A small part of public opinion focused on the reflection level of the incident , In order to ensure the safety of children, the design of drug bottle cap should be improved 、 Keep drugs out of reach of children 、 Children must never be out of sight of adults . Besides , And part of it " Any malicious speculation is a kind of harm to the family " And other neutral remarks .

" It's gone " Behind the violence of public opinion , Why can public opinion calm down ?

The incident of girl's death after taking antihypertensive drugs by mistake took a total of time 7 Days time , During this time , The incident has been denounced by the public 、 Slander 、 attack 、 Suspicions, etc. have great influence on the subject of public opinion —— The words of the girl's grandmother are very intense speculation and criticism , It constitutes the violence of public opinion in essence , If there is no intervention , This kind of public opinion violence may go beyond the boundaries of law and morality , It will cause more intense public opinion pressure and mental harm to the family members of the girl who are immersed in grief . And with the arrival of the public opinion calming period , The internet violence caused by the unfortunate death of a girl who took antihypertensive drugs by mistake is the same " Passively " It's gone .

In a state of trust imbalance leading to public opinion violence , Why did the public opinion of the incident still land smoothly ? One side , In terms of the event itself , The death of a girl who took antihypertensive drugs by mistake belongs to a public opinion of the people's livelihood , And the context and the reason are relatively simple and single , except " Son preference " The characteristics of tagging go beyond the doubts of public opinion , The relationship with ordinary netizens is not very close , The tragic sympathy and sympathy for children's misfortune caused by it are relatively limited ; On the other hand , Influenced by the law of seven day propagation , The length of public opinion life cycle has its universal influence factors , The public opinion questioned the death of the girl who took antihypertensive drugs by mistake. The Crusade did not trigger any response from the government and the media , To some extent, it causes " Public opinion is in a mess ", Netizens' attention is naturally unsustainable .
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