How to monitor public opinion

 How to monitor public opinion solutions

Every day on the Internet, there will be a large number of public opinion information breeding , Such as the news media Xinhuanet 、 Such as social media microblogging 、 Tiktok for short video platform , And there are many forms of expression , Text 、 Audio 、 video 、 Pictures, etc . So how should we monitor or monitor these public opinion information ?

Summary of common network public opinion monitoring and monitoring methods

1. Search engine

Search engine as a traditional way to monitor network public opinion , Its operation process is relatively simple . Usually , Use baidu 、360、 Sogou and other search engines enter keywords , Then preview it from the front page , And then filter the statistics , Finally, the results are calculated to generate a data analysis report .

2. Item search

Item search , It mainly refers to those service platforms with built-in search function , For example, online platforms , Sina weibo 、 Mobile phone, wechat, etc , You can search by entering special keywords . When the search is complete , Search content will be displayed one by one . here , The customer just needs to look at it one by one in chronological order .

3. Public opinion monitoring platform tool

Public opinion monitoring platform tool , For example, the micro business information monitoring system can automatically collect the whole network data , Automatically identify information users need to focus on , And provide early warning notice to let the relevant person in charge know ; just so so 7*24 Real time monitoring 24 hours a day , Enter keywords to monitor the entire network , And in-depth analysis of company information , It can be transformed into a visual network public opinion analysis report , Provide data support for public opinion response 、 Public opinion resolution provides direction . Usually , We can find a third-party public opinion service company to cooperate in this aspect , Because technically , Or professional , Public opinion monitoring platform tools developed by public opinion service companies are the best choice .
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