Tiktok can sell lessons. Please apply this application guide.
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 Tiktok can sell lessons. , Please keep this application guide

Tiktok selling course , Talents need to have the ability to make courses .

In terms of authority , Need to turn on the tiktok window 、 Tiktok shop . Tiktok shop is not eligible for application. , You can apply to the official by email .

writing | Magnum

edit | Magnum

Supervise the manufacture of | Situ Qingcang

Tiktok , Realization is an enduring theme .

Restricted by the rules of the platform , Tiktok sales of virtual goods have not been opened. , There is also no climate for cash flow, including payment for knowledge and training .

however , Recently, the tiktok issued a notice. , Announced the opening of paid course training , The application policy and upload process are optimized .

Now? , Users click on the course link below the talent video , Click on 【 Buy 】, Tiktok can watch the paid course directly. . Want to watch it over and over again , Just enter 【 I 】——【 Order 】——【 All orders 】 page , Find the course , Click to experience it now .

And for Darren , Tiktok updates the application of the course's permission. 、 Course upload 、 Curriculum synchronization and benefits are divided into four parts .

 Tiktok can sell lessons. , Please keep this application guide

Vibrato course tiktok

The next shake staff will be around the four parts of Da Ren Duan , For all the partners to carry out a detailed analysis .

01 Permission to apply for

Because the course of selling is based on shopping cart , So before you apply for permission , Tiktok shopping cart needs to be opened. .

After opening the shopping cart , Go to the home page and click the black Icon in the upper right corner , You will receive an official notification of the tiktok at the announcement center. , Click this notice to enter “ Tiktok realisation Guide ” page .

 Tiktok can sell lessons. , Please keep this application guide

Tiktok knowledge sharing column

After clicking on 「 Permission to apply for 」, Fill in the relevant information about the permission to open the pay column .

 Tiktok can sell lessons. , Please keep this application guide

Trill tiktok column entry process

Need to provide micro signal , Headline number nickname , Tiktok , Tiktok account , Tiktok fans , To facilitate the platform to determine the account number 「 Creative ability 」, Please follow the instructions in the application , Provide links to related content .

It is worth noting that , Tiktok account management is not supported by the course. 、 Tiktok realization 、 Film editing 、 Film commentary 、 Stock speculation 、 Individual stock recommendation, etc .

02 Upload course content

After approval of authority application , Experts can upload courses according to the following process :

1、 Select copyright type and create column shell :

Login to the background of headline number , Click on 【 Paid column 】——【 Create a column 】——【 Copyright type selection 】—— Fill in 【 Column information 】—— Submit audit , Waiting for the approval of column shell .

2、 Upload the chapter content of column course :

Upload column Course Chapter : Divided into three pieces. : Chapter and text course , Audio chapter course , Video chapter course .

3、 Upload text chapter course :

Please click on the right 【 Create chapters 】, Select chapter form :【 Audio 】, Go to add chapter details .

 Tiktok can sell lessons. , Please keep this application guide

Headline, text, chapter and background

4、 Upload audio chapter course :

Click on 【 Add chapter 】 After selecting audio , The audio content can be uploaded in the audio interface .

 Tiktok can sell lessons. , Please keep this application guide

Upload audio interface

Then fill in the audio details , Need to provide : Course title , Audio introduction , original , Audio cover , Editing Manuscripts .

 Tiktok can sell lessons. , Please keep this application guide

Fill in the audio information interface

Among them, the audio form of Editing Manuscripts can add additional manuscripts to improve chapter conversion rate , The content of the manuscript should be consistent with the audio content as much as possible .

5、 Video chapter course upload :

choice 【 Paid column 】—【 Add chapter 】—【 video 】, Enter the video upload interface , Click on 【 Upload video 】 Button , Upload video and fill in video related information .

 Tiktok can sell lessons. , Please keep this application guide

Upload video interface

6、 Notes on uploading courses :
  • When filling in column information , Be sure to choose the update rhythm , And within the specified date , Update chapter .
  • choice 【 Chapter recommendation on the front page 】, This chapter will be recommended to the headlines App home page , Not only your fans will be recommended , Non fans have a chance to be recommended , Additional realization income can be obtained .
  • Column review duration is 2 Hours , Please wait for the audit result patiently .
  • Please read the rules carefully .
  • After all the above steps are completed , And tiktok the course synchronously. .

03 Tiktok synchronous course

at present , The course uploaded can only be sold through the shop platform , Experts can choose to synchronize the course to their own shop or upload to the official designated shop for sale .

1、 Tiktok self run shop , After the course is uploaded, you can synchronize the shop with one key in the background of the headline number

In order to better service the knowledge payment business , Tiktok shop has already opened the content payment column. , Therefore, tiktok officials also encourage relevant knowledge accounts to open shop. , Selling virtual courses .

The store must be open “ Education and training ” category . And need to provide ICP Prove ( Value added telecommunication business license ) or ICP Keep on record , Relevant certificates and agreements .

Account number must provide the relevant business license , Business category must include : Education and training , Education consultation , Any one of the three educational consultation items .

After completing the above process , Users can buy and watch your column courses in your store .

 Tiktok can sell lessons. , Please keep this application guide

Shop window paid course guide interface

2、 Send an email to apply to be put on the official store

If you don't have all the qualifications , Unable to open education and training shop , Or don't want to open a store . Tiktok can be served on the curriculum. 「 Study the university well 」 Official shop . Tiktok shopping cart to share lessons .

You need to provide tiktok nicknames. 、 Tiktok account 、 Headline number nickname 、 Column course name 、 Column courses ID、 Course header and detail page .

3 In a working day , You'll receive a reply to the launch of the course .

There is no self-employed author , You don't need to click to bind the store in the background of the headline number , Send email to synchronize .

04 Course benefits

Be careful : There are obvious differences between self run stores and designated tiktok shops.

First of all, the qualification requirements are different .

The business scope of self operated shops is in “ Education and training ”“ Education consultation ”“ Educational information consultation ” One of the three business licenses and ICP Qualification certificate / Keep on record ; The official shop does not need any qualification .

Secondly, the basis is divided into different .

In addition to cash bonus for extra activities , Basic division of self operated stores 89.1%( No service charge will be deducted for cash withdrawal ); Basic share of official stores 89.2%( Tiktok , deduction 5% Technical service charge ).

Above is our tiktok curriculum content promotion observation. , I hope you can create high-quality knowledge content to share with users .
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