Search engine holds huge traffic, network marketing still can't miss SEO
Wind chimes on trees 2020-11-27 10:52:25
Today, I have a friend who is engaged in enterprise chatting with me , He said he spent more money on Internet marketing this year than 30 Ten thousand yuan , But the effect is not so good , Ask me if I have any good suggestions . Speak true , I'm not an expert in Internet Marketing , But after listening to the details of his input , I still see some clues . His investment is mainly focused on mobile social networking , Like the circle of friends 、 Microblogging 、app Advertisement .

There's nothing wrong with paying attention to the field of mobile social networking in the era of mobile Internet , But this investment is only suitable for phased marketing . I suggested that he make use of the website , Do a good job in search engine optimization ( namely SEO) It's a long-term plan .

 Search engines hold huge traffic Network marketing still can't miss seo

Whether or not to do seo marketing

Smart phones seem to do everything , Play the game 、 See a movie 、 email 、 Brush the news 、 And socialize . Small cell phones take up quite a long time of the day , People call this the age of the mobile Internet . Everyone will focus on the Internet era 、 Wechat and all kinds of app On , In Internet Marketing , A lot of people have forgotten pc End , Forget the seo marketing .

In the era of mobile Internet, is it necessary to do seo marketing ? I think it's necessary to , And it has to be done . recently , Domestic search engine overlord — Baidu releases data , Baidu App The daily activity of is 2.04 Billion , It's a huge and amazing number , From the flow of light , Internet marketing should not be ignored seo marketing . Attention, everyone ,2.04 100 million traffic is only Baidu App,pc End page data is not included in the statistics . And search engine is not only Baidu , And Sogou 、360 Search, etc . Compared with the mobile Internet , Today, pc End networks are traditional media , But it's this traditional medium , It's still inseparable from people , Take office as an example , Mobile Internet can't replace pc End computer , One day 24 Hours , People have 8 Hours in use pc End work .seo Marketing won't be like social advertising , But once it works , More durable than social advertising , More trust , The input cost is also relatively low .

 Search engines hold huge traffic Network marketing still can't miss seo

How to do well seo marketing

General enterprises are enthusiastic when they are just building websites , After a period of time, due to various reasons, management was basically stopped , Not updated for a long time , To be worthy of the name “ Zombie sites ”. I remember when I was at school , The teacher shared a data with us , He said many websites don't survive more than 3 year . There is a pain point in corporate websites , It is very difficult to see the marketing effect in a short time , Leading to enterprise managers in a period of time to choose to give up . Enterprise website to do seo, If you can't do a special post , You can find someone to work part-time in-house , In my submission seo It's not so deep , It's all trivial matters , Stick to it and it will work .

How search engines recommend content to visitors , First, it depends on the keywords the viewer searches for ; Second, it depends on the search engine included in the library of web pages “ The weight ”. There are millions of websites on the Internet , Many of these stations are “ The nuptial ”, Search engine by what to determine the same keywords of the site which ranked first , Which one is back ? On the basis of “ The weight ”. Many people may not understand what “ The weight ”, In fact, the website itself does not “ The weight ” said , It's search engines to sort , Set up your own website “ score ”. Let's put it this way. , Web page “ The weight ” It's like human's “ Prestige ” or “ status ”, The national name is “ Jack ma, ” A lot of people , But mention “ Jack ma, ” Name , The first thing people think of is the man related to Taobao . The same goes for the web page ,“ Higher weight , It's on the front . that “ The weight ” How did you get it ? This is it. seo Category , Page title settings 、 The density of keywords 、 The frequency of website updates , Even with domain names 、 The server ip It's all about it .

For now , Search engines still have huge traffic , There is a flow, there is a market , Do Internet marketing, do not ignore this traffic bonus .
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