When the state is not good, what to do?
Yu Fanghua 2020-11-27 10:52:21
When in good shape , when cut a road , No wonder I didn't . Passepartout , Everything goes well . When you're in a bad state , It seems that I can't get back to heaven , Lost to doubt life , Everything seems to be very aggressive .
When you're in a bad state , First of all, be aware of your state . After realizing that , To avoid falling to more down The location of .
It is inevitable to indulge in low emotions , The moon has rain or shine phases , People have their ups and downs . It's not normal to pursue permanent happiness .
When you're in a bad state , Go for a run . Even if you take a big step , Will make your body a little excited . It has been proved that exercise can promote endorphins .
When you're in a bad state , It's a great choice to look at biographies .
When everyone's in a bad state , They think they are the worst people in the world , The hardest people , I feel like I'm in a low ebb , When you look at historical figures , Look at their struggles , Their trough , You're going to comfort yourself that's a big thing . You'll also ( history ) The characters were moved to tears .
If you hate sports , I hate reading , Then the above two points will make it more painful for you to do it . Then you can go for a walk in the park . People come from the natural world , Our ancestors lived with nature every day , When you see plants and trees , Breathe deeply , You're going to relax .
Relaxation for modern people , It's not easy . Walk more in nature , Observe the details , It's the best free adjustment tool for urbanites .
If you think none of the above three things can help you , You can turn on the warm lights , Write a diary , Write down everything you think of , Cover it when you're done . You've completed a healing session .
If you're not in a good state for a long time , You have to think about what you've been holding on to for the longest time . During this bad time , You double it , After the breaking trough , You'll get unexpected surprises .
The above four moves , Do you remember ?
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