No more than this tiktok operation strategy.
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What makes more and more people doing tiktok? ?

Tiktok is no doubt a quick drainage. 、 Be quick 、 Big exposure and so on .

Because short videos are so popular , Trembling is really a good tiktok. .

So how to seize the opportunity , Create a tiktok. ? How to operate in the initial stage ?

There are many tiktok skills in the whole operation process. , Here I put myself into practice for free , Learn and summarize some operation skills to share with you , I hope tiktok can help you. , The full text is long , Please collect it first , Keep out of the way ~~

One 、 Preparatory work

Whether it's a single person or a team , We all need to do some preparation before we do it , These are the main steps :

// First step : Account registration

Tiktok or odd number operation in batch operation. , Let's remember one rule : A cell phone 、 A mobile phone card 、 A tiktok .

To reduce risk , The mobile phone number is only tiktok. , The rest of the mobile phones are no longer logged in . Fixed use of the initial tiktok. , Do not log on to other tiktok numbers. , Unless you can transform it effectively IP.

Don't use your old name , Because they didn't operate according to the corresponding rules , Maybe the label of the whole account is messy , Because the positioning is not vertical enough .

 No more than this tiktok operation strategy. ( Don't look at regret )

// The second step : Account location

In fact, what we are targeting is the way of cash flow , Target population . therefore , We have to be precise , Only vertical field .

For the tiktok platform , The tiktok location is more vertical. , The higher the account weight .

If the content of each day is different kinds of purposes , Not only can't attract the attention of fans in the vertical field , It will also lead to the reduction of account weight , The initial recommended traffic is less .

A good tiktok account location , It can help us to increase flour quickly 、 Rapid drainage 、 Quick liquidation . The tiktok account is more precise. 、 The more vertical , The more accurate the fans are , The easier it is to cash , The more accurate traffic you get .

Sum up , interesting 、 Interesting 、 Practical and so on are very good directions , As for which direction do you suit , Look at what you like and what you're good at , You can do more with less .

// The third step : Collect content

The content is the tiktok. 15 The core of second content , It's also the key to our popularity .

Not everything, of course , Not all of the industry content can be used , Many friends did not find this point , Even making dozens of videos , Maybe hundreds of fans , Video is not going to be popular .

So when we locate the account to do which piece , We can look for more competitive products of the same kind for reference , Other people's broadcast volume and high praise , Collect and analyze , Believe that , Peers are the best teachers .

Two 、 Tiktok algorithm , Analysis of recommendation mechanism

On the Internet , No matter what platform we do , Each city has its own platform rules and mechanisms , Algorithm .

natural , We want to tiktok well. , You have to know the algorithm and tiktok mechanism of the jitter. , Only in this way can we really do a good job .

//(1): Double audit

Tiktok , A large number of new works are uploaded every day , It's easy to get loopholes by machine audit , It is not realistic to rely solely on manual audit , therefore , Dual auditing becomes the first threshold for screening tiktok content by shaking algorithm. .

Machine audit : It is usually through the artificial intelligence model set in advance to identify your video images and keywords , It has two key functions :

firstly , Review works 、 Is there any illegal behavior in the copy , If suspected , It will be intercepted by the machine , By yellow 、 Red mark and so on prompt manual attention ;

second , By extracting the picture in the video 、 Keyframes , Match the massive works that exist in the loud tiktok database. , Low traffic recommendation for works with repeated content , Or the right to reduce the recommendation ( Fans only 、 Visible only to yourself ).

Manual review : Mainly focused on 3 block : Video title 、 Cover shots and video keyframes .

The suspected illegal works are screened out according to the machine audit , And works that are prone to violations , Tiktok auditors conduct detailed audit one by one. . If a violation is identified , The video will be deleted according to the illegal account 、 Notice of right reduction 、 Ban account number and other penalties .

//(2): Stack recommendation

The superposition recommendation mechanism for shaking is tiktok. .

Videos that have passed double auditing , The system allocates a certain amount of basic traffic , And then the system According to the initial flow pool data ( Comment on 、 forward 、 Focus on 、 Completion rate and liking rate ) Judge user feedback and video quality , Combined with your account score to analyze whether to give you weight , Push the video with good data to the next flow pool .

Only one flow pool has passed the test , The video will enter the next flow pool , Get more playback . Popular video is a progressive recommendation based on positive feedback , Continuously entering one flow pool after another . Whether you're big or not , As long as you have the ability to produce quality content , There's a chance to compete with the big ones .

 No more than this tiktok operation strategy. ( Don't look at regret )

//(3): Tiktok push flow algorithm

 No more than this tiktok operation strategy. ( Don't look at regret )

These are the tiktok links in the process of the video push. , You can collect them , At any time to see their own video to which level .

In the process of tiktok works recommended. , There may be two phenomena :

(1) Postpone “ tipping ”

The day some content is released 、 The data is flat for a week or even a month , But suddenly one day it was on fire , It is mainly due to the following two reasons :

The first one is , It's nicknamed by many old drivers “ Dig grave ”. Tiktok is a new way to dig out the database. “ High quality old content ”, And give it more exposure .

The reason why these old works can be “ tipping ”, First of all, it's good enough , secondly , It's your account that has published enough vertical content , The label becomes clearer , The system can match to give you more accurate users . High quality content + Accurate user , It's no surprise that the old works are booming again .

The second kind , We can call it “ Burst effect ”, It refers to a piece of your work that is getting a lot of exposure ( Millions of millions , Even tens of millions ) when , Will bring a huge number of users to your personal home page , Go through your previous work .

If one of your works , Get enough attention ( Turn to praise ), The system will put these videos back into the recommendation pool . Many creators of vertical content , It's always because of a video “ hot ”, Put several other high quality videos directly “ Light ”, Form multi-point flowering , Grand occasion of total explosive drainage .

(2) Flow peaking

Tiktok works double checked 、 Initial recommendation 、 Stack recommended layer by layer after detonating , It usually brings a lot of exposure to the account 、 Interaction and fans .

And this highly recommended exposure time , It usually doesn't take more than a week . after , Popular video and even the entire account will quickly cool down , Even after the release of some works, it is difficult to have a high recommendation . Why? ?

The daily tiktok of the vibrato is limited. , In other words, the total number of recommendations is basically fixed :

One side , People with tags related to your content have basically completed the recommendation , The feedback effect of other non accurate labels was poor , So stop recommending ;

On the other hand , Jitter does not want an account to fire tiktok quickly. , It's going through a round of tests , Test your ability to reinvent your content , Test your ability to consistently deliver quality content .

According to the above principle , We can tiktok the five factors that affect the recommendation mechanism of the jitter algorithm. :


● Improve the completion rate

released 15 The number of people who watched the video continued to increase , Recommendations will grow slowly , lower than 7 Seconds of video will not be recommended .


● Improve the liking rate

The high quality tiktok rate of the official announcement is that 3%( It's like Zambi ), If your analogy is higher than or close to 3%, The trembling algorithm will give you more tiktok. .


● Improve interaction rate

Video comment interaction is an important standard for account activity detection , Tiktok algorithm recommendation mechanism directly linked to .


● Improve forwarding rate

The higher the number of tiktok, the higher the recommended algorithm. , The amount of forwarding recommended to the home page is not low .


● Improve rebroadcast rate

Video replay represents the user's affirmation of the video , Tiktok recommendation algorithm will also increase the recommendation accordingly. .

3、 ... and 、 Tiktok and the attention

Next , Let's talk about it , Some skills and notes for the tiktok , So that can quickly reduce the detour time , Correctly maintain the tiktok number. .

//(1): Registration method

Tiktok registered account is divided into 5 Kind of , Register by mobile phone number , And binding the headline number is the best way to register .

Flow card for batch number maintenance , Small amount for use WIFI, If the volume is large, remember to use data flow , Do not use WiFi, Simulate normal users , The other thing is to make sure One machine, one card and one account number .

//(2): Data modification

A lot of people sign up , Information will be revised immediately , We suggest that 48 Hours later , Modify name 、 Head portrait 、 Information , Don't take too obvious nature of marketing advertisement and private message in the end 、 Drainage and other operations .

//(3): Browse the video and like to follow the comments

Browse : Pay attention here , We are going to put Do not operate until the video is browsed , If you don't finish watching the video, you can like it , In fact, it is very illogical , Frequent operations will also cause the system to recognize you as a marketing number .

give the thumbs-up : Every day 40 I like it

Comment on : We Comments every day 2~5 strip , Don't comment too much , Here we are Recommend God comments 、 God replied , If this can be done , In fact, the powder rises quickly . Continuous operation , stay 3~5 During the day , Don't post any works , Because the probability of your being recommended is very low .

forward : Forward every day 2-3 Article Video 、 Comment on

//(4): Breeding period and duration

General advice on breeding period 3-5 God , The best cycle length is 7 God , Do not release any video during the breeding period .

The length of online video browsing in the process of raising the number , Recommended warranty 2-3 Hours / God , And break up , I.e. brush half in the morning , interval 2 After more than hours , Brush the rest .

When you complete the account according to the above requirements 3-5 Days of breeding period , What to do next , It is to detect this account .

//(5): Account detection

specific working means , A video is carefully shot with a tiktok camera. , If the playback volume can be in 12 Within hours 200-500+, The account number is normal , Then hide the video , Do not delete temporarily .

You can also observe whether the official voice is tagged tiktok. , In other words, the small triangle symbol in the upper right corner of the large is opened with the trumpet , Look at the associated account he recommended , Do you recommend a tiktok that matches your account's tone? .

The tiktok is simply explained in a sentence. : Raise the number is to improve the weight , Correct positioning , There are attribute tags that belong to you .

 No more than this tiktok operation strategy. ( Don't look at regret )

Four 、 Tiktok operation method summary

(1) Tiktok must be done before shaking. Account location , Or we're going in the wrong direction , No amount of effort is in vain .

(2) Tiktok is a game of luck. , But a good tiktok. , Must guarantee the high quality video content , It is very important to do a good job in topic selection and material library .

(3) Multiple content , Adhere to continuous content , You will find the answer you want in the user , For example, suggestions from fans 、 Make complaints , With more interaction among fans, the positioning will become clearer and clearer .

PS: Add me , Tiktok: learn more about the knowledge of shaking.

 No more than this tiktok operation strategy. ( Don't look at regret )

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