7 mobile phones and computer apps worthy of attention in the near future
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Hello everyone , In this issue 《 Pai Ping 》 The main content of :
  • iOS: Can give iPhone「 Change the theme 」 Of Moloko、 Focus on social networking / Release day / The countdown shows Widgee.
  • ? Android: Help you create recipes from scratch Appetized.
  • The desktop : Image processing tools Pixelmator Pro to update 2.0, Prototyping tools Sketch to update 70 edition .
  • ?? Tron plan : Jane Yue big update ,Pin Next generation products of Taio go online , Easy to use calendar tool OneCalendar.

You can quickly jump through the directory on the right side of the page on the desktop , Read what you're interested in . If you find any other interesting App Or the topic of concern , Also welcome to discuss with us in the comments section .

Worthy of attention App

We're exposed to a lot of practical things every day 、 Interesting new App, Will also pay attention to the update of many applications .「 Pai Ping 」 Screening these for you App after , Show you the most noteworthy applications dynamically .

Moloko: to iPhone Change the subject

  • platform :iOS
  • label : Icon / Home screen

@Snow:「 Replace the topic 」 It was when I first came into contact with smartphones , My favorite job . at that time , In order to satisfy their own 「 Obsessive compulsive disorder 」, It can even take days , Clumsily using what I've just learned Photoshop Change the design 、 Complete the icon .

However, using iOS after , The enthusiasm quickly cooled , First of all, at that time iOS The theme needs prison break support , Operation ratio Android Much more complicated , Second, after a long period of fuss , I think it's still original , I don't care about it . Little imagine , Years later iOS 14, The change of theme was put on the agenda again .

Moloko Is a iOS Theme applications . Dozens of icon materials with different styles are built into the application , You can describe it according to the diagram and the text , Choose your favorite Icon , And install the corresponding description file . The application will use the description file to batch set shortcut icons , Without the tedium of adding them one by one .

 What should be paid attention to in the near future 7 Mobile phones and computers App

at present Moloko Each topic has two parts , One is the system application icon , The other is a third-party application icon , You can install it according to your own needs . After batch adding , You can use the system 「 Edit main interface 」 Function to delete a single icon at any time , Just leave the buttons you need . You can also delete the description file , Clear the theme icon at once .

iOS The theme is not Android So many custom elements , But except for the icons , You can also adjust the wallpaper 、 The widget , Even the keyboard with input method . But so far Moloko No advice has been given in these areas , You may also have to go through the schematic and your own aesthetic , Match it yourself .

 What should be paid attention to in the near future 7 Mobile phones and computers App

because Moloko The current icon still depends on 「 Quick instructions 」 Open corresponding App, When opened, it will add a step jump , There is no way to fully simulate the application of native icon opening effect . It has been used at present Web Clip Quick instructions for seamless jump applications , If you want to perfect your theme just like me , You can also try 「 Toss about 」 once .

You can App Store Download for free Moloko.

Widgee: Show fans and countdown days on the home screen

  • platform :iOS
  • label : Small components

@Tp:Widgee It is a small component application that supports simple customization , You can use its built-in widgets to track the number of fans on social platforms 、 Countdown days , Even the jump ticket sales of the game . Interestingly ,Widgee Provided only 2x2 A small component of one size , have a lot of 「 Everything in life 」 The visual sense .

To show the widget on the home screen , You need to be in Widgee Add custom widget in , Then long press the widget on the home screen to edit , And choose the widget you want to show .Widgee The customization process is also very simple , Just enter the user name or game name to search , The application will automatically generate the corresponding widget , Click on 「Add Widget」 You can add .

 What should be paid attention to in the near future 7 Mobile phones and computers App

Widgee Currently supports tracking Twitter、Instagram And the number of fans on social platforms 、 Game sales and countdown days . besides ,Widgee It also provides daily vocabulary 、 The daily sentence widget , You can even use Widgee To focus on RSS Updates to feeds .

 What should be paid attention to in the near future 7 Mobile phones and computers App

although Widgee Support acquisition RSS Feed updates , But it doesn't support reading , Only for display . Whatever widget you click on , It just opens Widgee, There's no special interaction . Considering it 18 Yuan , For information only , Maybe it's a little expensive .

Of course , If you don't want to spend time like me 、 Energy with Scriptable One kind of app From the definition . use 18 Yuan to buy some simple design 、 Make a handy widget to check the number of fans at any time 、 The sale of the game is not bad .

You can App Store Buy Widgee, The price is 18 element .

Pixelmator Pro 2.0: New design and support M1 chip

  • platform :macOS
  • label : The image processing / image editing

@huhuhang:Pixelmator It's one of the most diligent development teams I've ever met , Most people buy Apple Silicon Mac Not yet ,Pixelmator Pro 2.0 Support has been updated M1 chip . Besides , The app is fully adapted macOS Big Sur The new system , New design of icons and toolbars , The whole is more simple and modern .

 What should be paid attention to in the near future 7 Mobile phones and computers App

 What should be paid attention to in the near future 7 Mobile phones and computers App

The other day I watched the brand new M1 chip Mac In the evaluation of , Yes, this one Arm The strength of the architecture chip is impressive .Pixelmator Pro 2.0 As a Universal application , In the M1 On the native run . According to official test data , Based on the new neural network engine ML Tools like super resolution are faster than before 15 times .

Long term concern Pixelmator Users should understand that the development team likes and is good at using Apple Launched a series of frameworks and features , For example, the application itself uses Swift and SwiftUI structure . Besides, a long time ago ,Pixelmator Pro Already used Metal The engine and Core ML A series of image processing tools are designed . So support this time Apple Silicon In the process of , I Believe Pixelmator The team doesn't need to cost too much time , Can greatly improve the application performance .

 What should be paid attention to in the near future 7 Mobile phones and computers App

Functional aspects ,2.0 Version for near 20 Function details are optimized . The app added more than 200 New effects and shape presets , It is convenient for ordinary people and designers to draw illustrations more easily . The new edition also includes photography 、 illustrations 、 Design and other five workspaces are preset , And support highly flexible custom workspace layout .

I bought it before Pixelmator Pro Of users can go to Mac App Store Free update , App price 258 element , You can also be in Official website download 30 Day trial .

Appetized: Create your own recipe from scratch

  • platform :Android
  • label : menu

@ ln- Bravery is at the head : After starting work , We can't go on with the past 「 No worries 」 Life of , Want to eat healthy 、 Security , It is undoubtedly the best choice to go to the kitchen and accumulate cooking experience . You're still stuck in the kitchen ? Try to use Appetized To create your own recipe from scratch , Experience the fun of cooking .

Appetized The interface is extremely simple , In addition to the menu and collection of two categories , It's just a simple addition symbol , It's all redundant design . Click the plus sign at the bottom right of the main interface , Users can choose two ways to add recipes : Import from a website or create it manually .

 What should be paid attention to in the near future 7 Mobile phones and computers App

We can paste the menu links we see on the Internet to Appetized among ,Appetized Will identify links , Finally, the recipe is extracted , And put the material 、 Step by step . In Chinese website 「 Under the kitchen 」 For example , After importing the link ,Appetized Can better identify the page content .

 What should be paid attention to in the near future 7 Mobile phones and computers App

If you choose to create a recipe manually , We can add the amount of ingredients according to our own cooking habits and procedures 、 Cooking steps . however Appetized When adding the number of ingredients, the steps are a little cumbersome , Every time you add it, you need to click the unit of measurement repeatedly . Although the app doesn't provide Chinese support , But we can choose units by choosing 「Other」 From defining the unit of measurement of ingredients . Of course , Sometimes a good recipe may come from a cookbook or website , When we create recipes manually , You can label the source of the recipe , To facilitate future control or improvement .

 What should be paid attention to in the near future 7 Mobile phones and computers App

You can go through Play Store Free download and use Appetized.

Sketch 70: New interface , adapter macOS Big Sur

  • platform :macOS
  • label : Design / Prototype design

@ In the mood of Chemistry 2: be based on macOS Big Sur Bring a new interface design style , As macOS Design tools on ,Sketch It also ushered in v70 Official version update , In this update , There are not many updates in functionality , And a new design UI But it's a bright sight .

In this update ,Sketch What is taken is UI A balanced strategy : Neither let nor insist on using macOS 10.15 That's a surprise , At the same time macOS Big Sur I feel when I use it on UI Changes and surprises .

 What should be paid attention to in the near future 7 Mobile phones and computers App

say concretely , The default toolbar has been changed most obviously , The most frequently used tool by default has been adjusted to the toolbar , At the same time, a new notification icon has been added to the upper right corner of the window , Any notification messages are centralized and processed here , Of course, you can still manage your favorite tools as before .

 What should be paid attention to in the near future 7 Mobile phones and computers App

meanwhile Inspector The highlight of the color changed to orange , And current Sketch Theme color matching ( You can still change it in preferences ), But it's more obvious that some of the tools in the toolbar have been moved to Inspector in , For example, the scaling tool was moved to Inspector, In fact, it improves efficiency to a certain extent —— In other words, the attributes of the two tool areas can be distinguished more clearly .

 What should be paid attention to in the near future 7 Mobile phones and computers App

Although in macOS Big Sur in Apple Introduced SF Symbols To facilitate the construction and use of icons , But in fact Sketch 70 There is no use on SF Symbols, The reason is SF Symbols Still can't meet the design requirements .

So now Sketch 70 All icons on the are redesigned as new vector graphics , At the same time, it has both in vision Big Sur There is also a certain smoothness in the style of , In the future, of course Sketch I hope I can use it SF Symbols, But it depends on Apple Make further improvements .

 What should be paid attention to in the near future 7 Mobile phones and computers App

Compared to the visual changes , The functional change is in v70 Not much , Now in the Insert menu, you can select the data source to insert as a new layer , When selecting layers to use data , You can see the new data icon in the inspector , Click on the icon to refresh or use a new data source .

At the same time in this update also added similar adobe XD Repeat grid function of , Select more than two layers and drag the new handle in the lower right corner of the selection , This function is very suitable for page design where a large number of repetitive components need to be drawn .

You can read Sketch Official blog post Learn more about this update .

App Quick report

  • Apple Podcast(Web): Support will Apple Podcast The player is embedded in other web pages in the form of code .
  • Widgetsmith(iOS): Update to 2.0, Allow for iOS 14 Home screen create custom widget , Includes pre built themes for customizable widgets , And the new RBG / HEX Color selector .
  • 1Password(macOS): Update to 7.7, Add to the new Mac Next use Apple Watch Support for unlocking , in addition Safari Upper 1Password It has also been improved , At present, the login name can be provided intelligently on the web page 、 Credit cards and identity information .
  • RTRO(iOS): Add new effects 「 Instant movies 」, The film can be made to form a similar display effect after chemical exposure of film , To make the picture unique .
  • LumaFusion(iOS): Update to 2.4 edition , Allow users to HLG,PQ P3 and Rec-709 Color space creation project , allow iPhone 12 Of HDR The filmmaker imports the material into HDR 10 video .


Tron The program is a product support program launched by the minority for independent developers and independent development teams , We hope that through the minority, good products and developers can be found by more people , Keep good apps from being buried .

> apply Tron plan

Taio: The ultimate text processing tool that supports custom actions

  • platform :iOS / iPadOS
  • label : Text processing / Text editing

@Tp:Taio It's a model from JSBox And Pin developer @cyanogen New applications for , It's a word processor, and it's given 「 new generation Pin」 The title of . Even though Taio And Pin They're all word processing tools based on the clipboard , But more powerful text editors and text actions also make Taio It's very different .

Before you turn on Taio when , It will read your clipboard and generate a project , You can simply deal with it here . As a Markdown Editor ,Taio Built in based on iOS File manager of the system , You can use it to access the machine or iCloud Drive On the document . Thanks to this , You can also use other app Open up Taio Documents .

 What should be paid attention to in the near future 7 Mobile phones and computers App

Taio The biggest highlight is its rich text action . App built in 「 Action library 」 With quick instructions app Very similar , You can make your own text actions through modular programming . Click the button with lightning symbol in any text to call up the text action .

 What should be paid attention to in the near future 7 Mobile phones and computers App

One key generation mind map

Taio The native components of the system are used as much as possible , So it fits the system quite well . Whether it's iPadOS Multi window of 、 Keyboard and touchpad , Or barrier free environment for special people ,Taio They've done quite well .

For ordinary users ,Taio No doubt a good text editor , Maybe it will be your next 「 Clipboard manager 」. And for those who pursue ultimate efficiency ,Taio Also built in based on JSBox Of JS Environment and based on TextExpander Text substitution for , For you to explore more possibilities .

You can App Store As a free download Taio.

Janue 2.1: newly added 「 Janue · Sync assistant 」, Optimize the use experience

  • platform :Chrome
  • label : Reading model / knowledge management

@Tp: As one of the browser extensions that many people must install , Jane Yue has always relied on her exquisite 「 Reading model 」 And rich extension features attract users . With Jane Yue stepping into 2.0 Time , It is a step towards the field of knowledge management . lately , Jane Yue has released 2.1 Version update , Through stand-alone applications 「 Janue · Sync assistant 」 It provides more functions for Jianyue .

Limited to the form of browser extensions , Many functions cannot be realized in simple music . And Jane Yue · The synchronization assistant can provide data synchronization for Jianyue 、 File export and even send to mailbox and other functions . The synchronization assistant needs to install Jan Yue 2.1 You can only use the premium account of Jianyue .

 What should be paid attention to in the near future 7 Mobile phones and computers App

In practical use , The synchronization assistant is sort of 「 One time setting , For a long time 」. At the initial setup , You often need to turn on various switches at both ends of Jane Hyatt and sync assistant , And a slightly cumbersome binding operation . But once it's set up , You can enjoy the convenience of synchronization assistant .

The synchronization assistant can provide the synchronization of configuration files for Jianyue ( Including local backup and cloud synchronization ) Outside , It also allows you to export the reading mode directly to PDF、Epub, Even sending articles to email 、 Save to Kindle. If you are a heavy user of Jianyue , So the synchronization assistant may be an auxiliary application you can't miss .

Besides ,2.1 The version also added 「 Daily review 」 function . With the help of the email function of the synchronization assistant , You can... Every night 19:10 Received a daily review email from Jane Yue . The content of the email contains you in 24 Add to articles to be read later within hours .

 What should be paid attention to in the near future 7 Mobile phones and computers App

Jane Yue is still 2.1 The original function is optimized in the version . Account system , You can now use the nut cloud or Dropbox Account to log in to Jianyue . meanwhile , Jane Yue also added 「 Get back the premium account 」 The function of , You can retrieve the forgotten through the registration code UID.

More Than This , Janue 2.1 It also optimizes the experience of reading and tagging later , Add more practical features . For regular use RSS Users of the service , Jane Yue also supports using its own full-text output function to improve your reading experience .

OneCalendar: Easy to use calendar gadget

  • platform :macOS
  • label : The calendar

@ Red wine King : Calendar applications always try to appear in the most convenient places for users , Whether it's a small component 、 Menu bar or shortcut key . Now? ,OneCalendar Provides a different choice ——macOS System desktop .OneCalendar The application content is actually very simple , Its purpose is to allow users to see the calendar directly on the desktop .

Different themes and colors are set inside the app , You can also adjust transparency , To match the user's own desktop style . The location and size of the calendar can be adjusted accordingly . meanwhile , It also supports adding lunar calendar 、 Chinese or American holidays and so on .

 What should be paid attention to in the near future 7 Mobile phones and computers App

? You can Mac App Store download OneCalendar, The price is 6 element .
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