Consciousness programming: does growth need pain or pleasure?
Xiao Li 2020-11-27 10:26:55

 Consciousness programming : Growth needs pain or happiness ?

 Consciousness programming : Growth needs pain or happiness ?

 Consciousness programming : Growth needs pain or happiness ?

Someone said to me , I avoid growing up , I only choose happy things to experience , But escape the painful things . Ability and happiness coexist .

What is it about growth , I think the plants in nature are a good illustration —— Happiness and nourishment .

They need nutrients to grow , Isn't nutrition sweet ?

They need sunshine to grow up , Isn't the sunshine warm ?

They need water to grow , Isn't moisture moistened ?

What else do they need to grow ?

Maybe the only thing you need is love . If someone doesn't love them , They will be trampled on 、 Broken 、 Felled , And that's killing their growth .

No plant can say : I need to absorb the pain to grow .

Pain is not their nourishment ! The storm will break their tender branches 、 Will pull up their stout rhizomes 、 Will drop their green fruits to the ground , It just doesn't make them grow better . Farmers also say , The weather is bad this year , The strong wind broke many of my crops , The hail has fallen a lot of my fruits . No farmer would say , This year's storms and hail have made my crops and orchards better !

Someone will say , It is not said in the textbook that people's growth still needs wind and rain ?

I laugh at that : Many people don't realize , This is actually the textbook programming our consciousness from childhood !

If you don't say that , Who is willing to endure pain ? Who wants to be a lamb to be slaughtered ? If no one is willing to make squeezed food , What about people who want to eat meat ?

Look at the plants in nature , Do they really need wind and rain to grow up ? They're just trying to grow up , no longer —— I'm afraid of the wind and rain .

Real growth , Just sunshine 、 Rain and dew 、 Nutrients 、 Love and happiness .

If you're still willing to accept textbook programming , Think that growth needs suffering , Then go to the pain , Then you can grow up in pain !

I choose to grow up happily , And then I'm not afraid to face any storm .

Plants don't choose storms , You can't choose a storm . So in the process of growing up , I don't know when the storm will come , I don't want to choose to run to the storm and let it destroy , It's not good for me . But when the storm came, I knew I was strong enough , Be able to deal with it .

If you still let your child accept the textbook : Pain is necessary for growth 、 It's right , Then don't be surprised that children live in pain , I will choose a miserable life in the future .

Don't you really want yourself and your children to grow up happily ?
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