Hand in hand to teach you how to set the amount of meituan's monthly payment, and how to withdraw and use the monthly consumption amount of meituan
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Meituan delivery monthly payment is the method of consumption first and then payment issued by meituan takeout , Be able to use the monthly credit line of meituan takeout to consume on meituan takeout . Meituan is a popular platform for catering, living and entertainment , Whether you know meituan or not , I must have heard of meituan's “ Meituan monthly payment ” function , But I don't know much about it , Would you like to know if the opening of meituan monthly payment has any impact , What is the impact . In fact, we Baidu search “ Meituan monthly payment ” It is not difficult to find such things as “ How to cash out the monthly payment amount of meituan ”“ How to withdraw cash from meituan monthly payment ”“ Meituan monthly payment limit can not be used ”“ What will happen if the monthly payment limit of meituan is overdue ” And so on , It's everywhere . Meituan monthly payment can be used in consumption scenarios supported by meituan , A friend wants to open a monthly meituan payment , But I don't know that meituan's monthly payment can't be referred to credit , So how to use the monthly payment limit of meituan is the right one ? Let's follow Xiaojian to understand it !

Hand in hand to teach you how to set the monthly payment limit of meituan , How can meituan use the monthly payment amount of consumption

How to open the monthly payment limit of meituan takeout ?

According to the detailed introduction of meituan's monthly delivery payment , If it's legal age 18 If you are one year old and have your real name verified, you can apply for the monthly payment of meituan takeout .

【1】 First of all, meituan takeout customers who have not carried out real name verification should first carry out real name verification in meituan takeout ;

【2】 After real name verification, it can be retrieved from the home page “ Meituan takes out monthly payment ” Or pick immediately “ my ”, Looking in my wallet for meituan takeout monthly payment ;

【3】 Then click “ I want to pay monthly ” You can apply for the use .

The above is a detailed introduction to the steps of launching the monthly payment for meituan takeout , Looking forward to some help . After successful startup , Remember to pay the loan on time , There is no need to deliberately overdue the loan , Otherwise, it will have a negative impact on the personal credit report .

Meituan delivery monthly payment has a credit limit, but it can't be used

【1】 Beyond the scope of application

Meituan monthly delivery payment is applicable , Meituan delivery monthly payment is limited to special food in meituan 、 Take out 、 Stay in a hotel 、 tourism 、 ride on a bicycle 、 Application at the same level , Applications beyond requirements , It will cause that the monthly payment of meituan takeout can not be applied .

【2】 Not according to the assessment

Meituan monthly delivery payment is not a credit line can be applied , It must be evaluated after experience , In case of application, the monthly payment of meituan takeout is not made , Then you can't use the monthly meituan delivery payment , Even if there's a credit line, it's not going to work .

There is a credit limit for meituan's monthly delivery payment, but it can't be used. The main reason is that , Be able to query the reason according to the above situation , If it is not based on the assessment , Can improve my qualification certificate , Try again with the meituan monthly delivery payment .

Not long ago , Meituan monthly payment announced , Caused widespread concern in the industry . Legal age 18 One year old 、 Users with real name authentication can enable , When users consume in meituan green ecology , Payment can be made using the line of credit granted by monthly payment , The credit card bill date is every month 2 Japan ,8 Daily repayment , Maximum credit card interest free period 38 God , Timely repayment by users , The service platform does not deduct all expenses , The interest rate of overdue loan is 0.05%, Deferred repayment and credit card installment repayment are applicable .

Hand in hand to teach you how to set the monthly payment limit of meituan , How can meituan use the monthly payment amount of consumption

What do you do if you have other accounts opened for meituan monthly payment ?

When users open meituan monthly payment , If you are prompted that you already have another account to open meituan monthly payment , It indicates that monthly payment has been opened for other accounts of the user , At this time, users can log in and open the meituan monthly payment account to use meituan monthly payment . Or the user can log in and open the monthly payment account of meituan , Cancel the monthly payment of meituan in the account , After that, we reopened the monthly payment of meituan on the common meituan account .

Meituan account under user's name , Only one meituan monthly payment can be opened , Therefore, multiple accounts do not support duplicate opening .

How to save money on the monthly payment limit of meituan ?

Meituan monthly payment itself has no function of saving money . Meituan monthly payment is a credit payment product rather than a membership interest , After successful opening , Users can use the credit line to pay the order amount , But there is no discount in the payment process . After the quota is used, the user also needs to repay the bill amount in full .

However, users can participate in meituan monthly payment after opening it 0 Yuanxiang member 、 Interest free activities by stages , Saving money through membership rights , But also pay attention to the duration of such activities .

How to delete bills in meituan ?

Meituan is a popular catering software , Payment is also provided 、 Loan and other financial services , Some new users of meituan don't know how to delete the bill , So how can I delete the bills in meituan ?

How to delete the bill in meituan ?

【1】 Open and log in to meituan APP, Click in the bottom right corner of the page “ my ”—“ My wallet ”;

【2】 After entering my wallet , Click on “ bill ” Backward entry sheet page ;

【3】 Select on the billing page ( No need to click to enter ) Bill record to be deleted , Press and hold until it pops up “ Are you sure you want to delete the record ”, Click on “ determine ” that will do .

【4】 To delete the corresponding order , stay “ my ”-“ My order ” Choose from ( No need to click to enter ) Bill record to be deleted , Press and hold until it pops up “ Confirm to delete record ”, Click on “ Delete ” that will do .

That's right “ How to delete the bill in meituan ” The answer to , I hope it can help you .

The behavior subject of meituan monthly payment credit line payment service project is Chongqing meituan Sankuai microfinance Co., Ltd. and cooperative financial enterprises .

According to the news media , The original credit limit for monthly payment is low , Generally in 300 to 3000 Yuan Zhong Yuan , This is also a small loan between the two 、 High frequency consumption scenarios .

At this stage , Meituan has received electronic payment in turn 、 Internet small loan 、 Insurance brokers 、 Commercial factoring 、 A series of payment licenses such as private banks .

2019 From the year onwards , Meituan has just begun to promote collaboration with banks , Together with several regional banks, we have been selling meituan co branded cards .

At this stage , In the US regiment APP On , Application channel and monthly payment side by side for CO branded card application , But monthly payments are similar to those of Alipay. , Both of them coincide with the aspect ratio of overdraft card commodities in part .

According to the news media , Meituan monthly payment before the announcement , It has spent nearly a year to carry out trial operation and product iteration , This coincides with the time axis of the rapid development trend of CO branded card business process . In addition, the acceptance of the responsible person of the business process revealed in the interview with the news media , Monthly payment “ Sinking the market , The main performance of monthly payment intention and repayment of users in third, fourth and fifth tier cities is even better than that of first and second tier cities ”, And the bank that the meituan co branded card previously co sold , It is dominated by regional banks , Third, fourth and fifth tier cities account for a large proportion of customers .