Who is the most powerful Marshal
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 Who is the most powerful Marshal About the ten marshals Who are the top ten marshals

# I'm going to make micro headlines ## I'm going to make micro headlines ## Live through #@ Watermelon novice village You know who the top ten marshals are ? Ten marshals mean 1955 Ten military strategists who were awarded the rank of Marshal of the people's Republic of China . They are : Zhu De 、 Peng Dehuai 、 Lin Biao 、 Liu Bocheng 、 prominent military leader in early Communist movement 、 Chen Yi 、 Luo Ronghuan 、 Xu Qianqian 、 Nie Rongzhen 、 Ye Jianying . Let's take a look at the profile of the top ten marshals !

1、 About the ten marshals —— Zhu De (1886-1976) Yilong County, Sichuan Province

Zhu De , No matter what you think about , He was the first marshal to take the chair . Because of its special position in the history of the party and the army , Today people misunderstand him the most . Zhu Yujie ,1886 He was born in Yilong County, Sichuan Province . The young man worked in the field and studied private school ,20 At the age of 18, I went to Chengdu to get a higher normal school , After graduation, I went back to the county and became a sports teacher . Seeing social darkness and turbulence , He trekked three months to Kunming , Studying in Japan has become “ Three outstanding sergeants ” One of them is the Yunnan Military Academy sponsored by Cai E . In the martial arts hall , Zhu De took part in the anti Qing revolution alliance , Participated in the revolution of 1911 . After Zhu De graduated , In the Yunnan army, the second lieutenant platoon leader started , In the battle between Yuan and warlords, he was promoted to major general and brigade commander , It is famous in Sichuan and Yunnan . He was different from other generals at that time , Tired of fighting for power , I like music , Young officers and students are widely accepted at home , And read about 《 New youth 》 Magazines such as .

1921 year , Zhu De took the initiative to leave the thousands of military circles in the ocean every month , Go out to study . Next year , Zhu De went to Shanghai to meet Sun Yat Sen , Put forward that revolution cannot rely on alliance with warlords . He saw Chen Duxiu again , Proposed to join China . An old army general wants to join the party , This greatly surprised the leaders of the CPC Central Committee at that time , Although Zhu De was encouraged to pursue progress , But I didn't agree .

1922 In the autumn , Jude went to Europe by boat , Learning tactics in Germany , And study the theory of socialism . There? , He saw . Next year , It was introduced that .1925 year , Zhu De entered Moscow Communist Labor University again , And studying in military training classes . There? , He offered to go up the mountain if he didn't win , It surprised the Soviet instructors . 1926 After Zhu De returned home in , Taking advantage of the old is related to the Sichuan army 、 The Yunnan army mobilized the northern expedition , And work done in secret .1927 When Nanchang Uprising in , Zhu De led the education regiment of the Yunnan army , Deputy commander of the Ninth Army . When the uprising army failed to March southward to Chaoshan , He led in danger “ Iron Army ” More than 1000 people entered northern Guangdong 、 Shonan , On 1928 year 4 On the Jinggangshan and meet , Established the Fourth Red Army and served as its commander , Become the highest military commander of the first main Red Army in China .

1930 year , Zhu De became commander in chief of the red front army , The following year, he became the commander-in-chief of the Chinese workers' and peasants' Red Army . Over the next few decades ,“ Commander in chief ” In the party, he became the nickname of Zhu De . During the Red Army's Long March , Sometimes he was responsible for specific operational command .

In the early days of the Anti Japanese War , He led the Eighth Route Army headquarters to the front line of Taihang Mountain .1940 After returning to Yan'an in , Because of old age , Mainly assist in directing the overall situation , however 1947 When he conquered Shijiazhuang in 1949, he personally went to the front line to command .

After the founding of PRC , Zhu De was successively vice chairman of the state and the party 、 Chairman of the National People's Congress ,1955 He won the first prize when he was awarded the top ten marshals .

1959 At the Lushan conference in , He didn't agree to give Peng Dehuai that kind of characterization , It is said that the adult is a fool .“ The cultural revolution ” When Lin Biao was first appointed as the successor , He did not approve of ,1975 Jiang Qing was the first to expose , The bottom of my heart is like a mirror . 1976 year 7 month , Zhu De Yi 90 Died at the age of . He was called “ Red commander ”, And said ,“ Zhu Mao , Zhu Mao , I'm the hair on you !”

2、 About the ten marshals —— Peng Dehuai (1898-1974) Xiangtan County, Hunan Province

Peng Dehuai , In the history of the army, it is second only to Zhu De , When conferring the title, he was the host of the work of the CMC , It's a representative of the first field army again . Despite his military success , But from the Pingjiang uprising to ** armistice , I've been on the front line in combat command , No one in the army can match this . His military accomplishments are not excellent , But more than 20 years of experience and experience are enough to make him proud of others , Second in the field marshal, of course .

3、 About the ten marshals —— Lin Biao (1906-1971) From Huanggang County, Hubei Province

Lin Biao , Representatives of the fourth field army , Among the top ten marshals, his combat record and command ability are the first . But he's the second from the bottom of ten , In the third place, he was the only member of the Standing Committee of the Politburo among the ten at that time . Lin Biao's original name is Lin Yurong . Huanggang County, Hubei Province . He joined the Chinese Socialist Youth League in 1923 . He was admitted to Huangpu Military Academy in 1925 , He joined China in the same year . In 1927, he served as platoon leader of the yeting independent regiment of the national revolutionary army 、 Company commander . Participated in Nanchang Uprising and Xiangnan uprising . During the agrarian revolutionary war , He was once a battalion commander of the Fourth Army of the Chinese workers' and peasants' Red Army 、 Regimental commander , Commander of the first column , Fourth Army commander , Head of the Red Army , President of the Red Army University . Participated in the long march of the Red Army . Anti-Japanese War , He was appointed commander of the 115th division of the Eighth Route Army .

War of liberation , He was appointed commander in chief of the Northeast Democratic United Army , Commander and political commissar of the Northeast military region , Commander of the Northeast Field Army , Fourth field commander , Directed Liao Shen 、 Pingjin and other major battles . After the founding of the People's Republic of China , As commander of the Central South military region , Vice chairman of the people's Revolutionary Military Commission , Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of defense , Vice chairman of the Military Commission of the CPC Central Committee . He was awarded the rank of Marshal of the people's Republic of China in 1955 . It's number one 、 Two 、 Vice chairman of the National Defense Commission for the third time , Member of the Seventh Central Committee of China , The seventh 、 Member of the Political Bureau of the Eighth CPC Central Committee 、 Vice chairman of the CPC Central Committee , Vice chairman of the ninth CPC Central Committee . China's top ten marshals rank

“ the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution ” China and Chen Boda 、 Huang Yongsheng 、 Wu FA Xian 、 Leaf group 、 Li Zuoping 、 Qiu huizuo et al ****** The group , They colluded with Jiang Qing's counter revolutionary group , Premeditated framed persecution of Party and state leaders , Conspiracy to seize the supreme power of the party and the State . After the plot was exposed , He fled by plane on September 13, 1971 , I was killed in a plane crash in the windur Khan area of Mongolia .

Who is the most powerful Marshal About the ten marshals Who are the top ten marshals

In 1973, the CPC Central Committee decided to expel him from the party . In 1981, he was confirmed by the Supreme People's Court of the people's Republic of China as the principal criminal of the counter revolutionary group case .
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