"Linkage" and "high efficiency"! System innovation and process reengineering of drug supervision and law enforcement in Shandong Province
Young and frivolous 2020-11-27 08:49:50
Qilu. Com · Flash news 11 month 25 - The reporter learned from the law enforcement and Supervision Bureau of Shandong drug administration , since this year on , The Bureau revolves around “ armed ” programme 、 List of rights and responsibilities, etc , Further improve the law enforcement mechanism , Actively promote system innovation and process reengineering , To standardize drug supervision and law enforcement in an all-round way , Constantly improve the ability to handle cases and the level of law enforcement .

According to introducing , The law enforcement and Supervision Bureau of Shandong drug administration focuses on the process reengineering of supervision and law enforcement and internal operation , We have further standardized the drug law enforcement procedures . Supervision law enforcement process reengineering focuses on “ linkage ”, Focus on building approval 、 Inspection and law enforcement linkage mechanism and process ; Strengthen the link between inspection and law enforcement , For the problems found in the inspection , First hand over to law enforcement agencies ; We will further standardize and clarify the law enforcement and filing of cases 、 survey 、 to examine 、 decision 、 Publicity and other processes and work requirements of each link . Internal operation process reengineering focuses on “ Efficient ”, With regard to the handling of official documents 、 Draft the manuscript 、 Conference organization 、 Official activities 、 Financial management 、 information management 、 File management 、 News propaganda 、 To sort out the common issues such as the formulation of normative documents , according to “ One thing, one process ”, Improve internal procedures ; For all kinds of individual matters in the operation of the responsible organs , Develop business processes , Clear job responsibilities , Strengthen the relationship with departments and departments 、 The work of market supervision bureaus and relevant departments in various cities is linked up .

After a comprehensive carding in the early stage , at present , The law enforcement and Supervision Bureau of Shandong Provincial Drug Administration has completed the establishment of 78 Project catalog and workflow of project process reengineering ( The list of internal matters 30 term , Business catalog 48 term ), Collected and printed into 《 Drug law enforcement case handling manual 》, For daily law enforcement and internal work operation to follow the use of , And in the process of implementation, it will be constantly supplemented and perfected .

After the process reengineering of drug supervision and law enforcement work , Further standardizing and clarifying the law enforcement filing 、 survey 、 to examine 、 decision 、 Publicity and other aspects of the workflow and requirements , Optimize and improve the internal work program design , We have strengthened and straightened out the work connection of relevant departments , It has greatly improved the efficiency of law enforcement and case handling , In order to promote the formation of a complete, scientific and effective system , Realize the procedure of administrative law enforcement 、 Be institutionalized 、 Lay a solid foundation for standardization .

Lightning journalist Wang Shuwei reports
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