6 hours broadcast 3.5 million, why Zhaoyuan County by netizens brush burst screen?
White Wolf 2020-11-27 07:57:57
6 Hourly playback 350 ten thousand 、 give the thumbs-up 2 ten thousand , The net friend comment on 1400 strip ,5 month 10 Japan , Daqing Daqing tiktok released 《 Good news ! Zhaoyuan County of Daqing was named and praised by the State Council 1000 ten thousand 》, Being blown up by netizens .

6 Hourly playback 350 ten thousand Why is Zhaoyuan County hit by netizens ?

5 month 9 Japan , Daqing online news 《 prize 1000 ten thousand ! Zhaoyuan County is encouraged by the State Council 》: The general office of the State Council recently issued a circular , Yes 2019 To carry out the three major battles and the strategy of Rural Revitalization in 、 deepen “ The pipes suit ” Reform and optimize business environment 、 Continue to expand domestic demand 、 Promoting innovation driven development 、 Guarantee and improve people's livelihood and other major policies and measures 、 It has achieved remarkable results 213 Supervision and encouragement were given in four places , Take corresponding funds 、 project 、 land 、 Reform first, try first, etc 30 Incentives and support measures .

The list of local supervision and incentive 30 Group , Among them, water conservancy is involved 2 Group , Namely : Great efforts have been made to promote the system of river chief system and lake chief system 、 Where the effect of river and lake management and protection is obvious . Zhaoyuan County of Daqing city became the only selected County in Northeast China , suffer 1000 Ten thousand yuan reward , It is used for river and lake management and protection .

Tiktok background message area , Zhaoyuan 、 Netizens from Daqing and even Heilongjiang , They all leave messages to like their hometown ——

Net friend “ Whoa, whose little fool ”: Proud of 、 Proud of , As Zhaoyuan people , I'm really proud .

Net friend “Denwen”: Zhaoyuan square , Wetland in the county .

Net friend “ Brother chun next door ”: Zhaoyuan's environment , It's much better these years .

Net friend “ Sima tayi ”: It's not just Zhaoyuan , The ecological environment protection of Daqing City in recent years is very good , give the thumbs-up ! Worthy of “ Green oil city ” City of Natural White Lake 、 Hometown of hot springs in the North ” The reputation of the .

Except for the local people's excitement , Some foreigners in Zhaoyuan are also proud .——

Net friend “ Be careful Mn”: As a stranger living in Zhaoyuan , proud .

The news , It also led to a lot of life 、 Homesickness of Zhaoyuan people working in other places , They also leave messages to encourage their hometown .——

Net friend “ He Ziyang ”: My hometown , Although people are in different places , But it's also a great honor .

Net friend “ wang ”: In Changzhou brush to understand , Happy , Zhaoyuan Yishun passing by .

Up to the time of press release , Tiktok play 、 Number of comments and reviews , It's still refreshing .

6 Hourly playback 350 ten thousand Why is Zhaoyuan County hit by netizens ?

6 Hourly playback 350 ten thousand Why is Zhaoyuan County hit by netizens ?

6 Hourly playback 350 ten thousand Why is Zhaoyuan County hit by netizens ?

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