How to create and maintain Baidu Encyclopedia
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Introduction : This paper aims to answer the problem of the maintenance of Baidu Encyclopedia created by calligraphers and painters and the existing Baidu Encyclopedia . This paper only describes the general method of creating and maintaining Baidu Encyclopedia , I hope it can help you .

 Calligraphy and painting artist Baidu Encyclopedia creation and maintenance notice

One 、 The importance of creating Baidu Encyclopedia by calligraphers and painters

Baidu is the world's largest Chinese search platform , It is also one of the most popular platforms for searching various materials . Calligraphers and painters created Baidu Encyclopedia , You can search for yourself in Baidu , Equal to place oneself in baidu this biggest Chinese search platform , Be able to present yourself most effectively , It's also good for others to fully understand themselves .

Baidu's search volume is amazing , Calligraphers and painters created Baidu Encyclopedia , Equal to put oneself into Baidu database forever , Anytime 、 Anyone can find himself , This is very important to enhance the popularity of calligraphers and painters .

Two 、 How to create Baidu Encyclopedia

Because Baidu company is strict and responsible to create Baidu Encyclopedia , Calligraphers and painters themselves are not familiar with the relevant requirements , The success rate of creating Baidu Encyclopedia is extremely low . therefore , It is suggested that artists should create Baidu Encyclopedia with the help of intermediaries or individuals .

Before answering how calligraphers and painters create Baidu Encyclopedia , First of all, let's talk about how to choose intermediaries and individuals .

On the Internet or wechat group, there are many advertisements launched by intermediaries to help calligraphers and painters create Baidu Encyclopedia , Most calligraphers and painters are skeptical about this . actually , There is often institutional support behind these intermediaries , They are able to help you complete the Baidu Encyclopedia creation task , There's very little cheating , It's just making a little money by using information asymmetry . in other words , Any intermediary can help calligraphers and painters make Baidu Encyclopedia , It's just time 、 The quality is different .

So how to choose an intermediary ?

First of all, select the organization . All in the name of the unit to do Baidu Encyclopedia , As long as the unit is real , They don't dare to cheat , Just negotiate the terms with them .

Second, the word of mouth is better , More achievements , There are acquaintances to introduce individuals to create Baidu Encyclopedia .

It's best not to cooperate with individuals who don't know at all , So as not to solve the problem .

Let's talk about how to cooperate with the intermediary to create Baidu Encyclopedia .

First of all, there is the issue of intermediary fees .

You should understand , Intermediary pre-trial 、 It takes a lot of time and energy to sort out the materials provided by calligraphers and painters , They did work a lot , It's a charge . So it's here " Create Baidu Encyclopedia " The phenomenon of charging , It's inevitable . Of course , The intermediary is different , The charges are different , Many people don't understand this , I think it's easy to create Baidu Encyclopedia , No or very low cost . In fact, this understanding is wrong .

that , How much does it cost to create Baidu Encyclopedia ? at present , There is no standard in the market yet . Most people think that the charge is in 2000 It's reasonable to be below yuan , Of course , The lower it is, the better for the calligraphers and painters . however , The cost is too low , The quality of Baidu Encyclopedia created may be affected , It is advisable that the cost be reasonable , The calligraphers and painters hold on to .

The second is the problem of providing materials for calligraphers and painters . Calligraphers and painters should generally provide as complete as possible 、 Real resume ,3 A more formal picture of your life or work , Picture of the work 20 Within the range and the necessary association membership certificate 、 Certificate of competency . Other relevant information is not available , At the request of the intermediary , Provide on request .

Finally, let's talk about payment .

As I said before , Intermediaries or individuals rarely cheat . When you choose the right intermediary , Trust them , Just talk about the cost , Do as you like , Don't do it if it's not suitable .

Agency charges , It's usually a one-time full charge . There is no charge for doing well , Or pay part of the cost in advance , Do Baidu Encyclopedia and then pay the balance of . On this point , Calligraphers and painters should have ideological preparation .

3、 ... and 、 New Baidu Encyclopedia editing and improvement .

Written materials provided by calligraphers and painters , After Baidu strict audit, often delete a lot , Only a small but very real part remains . When calligraphers and painters see their new Baidu Encyclopedia , Often not satisfied with . actually , All calligraphers and painters build Baidu Encyclopedia in their initial state . After that, it needs to be edited and supplemented again , In order to be like what you finally see with pictures and texts , A rich look . On this point , Calligraphers and painters must have a correct understanding of .

Next, how to edit and improve the new Baidu Encyclopedia .

First , Open Baidu by myself , Find registration in the top right corner of the page / Sign in , Click on it , Follow the operating instructions to register a member first , Registered members can log in directly .

secondly , Open your own new Baidu Encyclopedia , Click edit , Submit written materials as required 、 Just pictures .

Last , Remind the calligraphers and painters who have Baidu Encyclopedia to pay close attention to their own Baidu Encyclopedia , Edit information in time , Keep up with the status quo , Encyclopedia works best .

Four 、 Other problems

Whether it's a new Baidu Encyclopedia or an old Baidu Encyclopedia , When calligraphers and painters have difficulty in changing information and pictures , It can be done with the help of an intermediary . Intermediaries generally do not charge or charge a small fee , Both sides can negotiate .

Statement : Baidu company for individuals to create Baidu Encyclopedia is open and free . But due to the personal creation of Baidu Encyclopedia and later dimension encountered a series of problems , Only then appeared the intermediary this group and its charge question . The charge has nothing to do with Baidu , Like real estate transaction intermediary fees and housing management departments have nothing to do with .

This paper roughly describes how to create a new Baidu Encyclopedia and its maintenance and other related common sense , I hope it will help the readers . Due to the limited level of the author , What's wrong , Be unavoidable , Please criticize and correct me .

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