How to download the library?
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Focus on “ Poetry and wine cherish time ” Free download of various libraries

I don't know if you will use this database when you download some documents , But sometimes there is a charge for downloading some materials

 How to download library ?

Let's introduce this method , The success rate is very high , For the need to pay for the library is a big tool !( However, I still hope that you still support the original )

Methods revealed :


See the specific tutorial , Follow me step by step

First of all : The normal interface we see is like this , The ! money !!

 How to download library ?

second : We have a link to the documentation in the baidu Input directly after vvv that will do , See the effect ;baidu+vvv

 How to download library ?

Gently press our enter key

Third : Go directly to the download interface !!

 How to download library ?

After clicking download, the following interface will appear , This will only appear on first use , If you don't want to pay attention to their official account, you can reply directly. 2925 See if it works .

Or focus on the official account of WeChat. , And then reply in its background “2” that will do , It's ok .

 How to download library ?

Finally, wait for him to download , In the process of testing , Found that the download speed is still very fast , Basically, a file only takes a few seconds ( The premise is when the network is better )

Fourth : The download !!

 How to download library ?

The differences between the downloaded file and the original file are compared , The effect is very good , Basically, the main file can be downloaded in place , Individual details need you to revise the following .

 How to download library ?

( The original document )

 How to download library ?

( After downloading the file )

Follow these steps to ensure that you can download the information you want for free in three seconds , It's very simple. Try it !

 How to download library ?

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