How to promote professional Q & A? What are the skills?
Moss building 2020-11-27 07:45:26
There are a lot of customers who cooperate with us and tell Xu Guoxiang , The company has tried to do its own Q & a promotion , But it's hard , The most common problem is that the account is blocked . And their hard work , Because the account has been blocked , The content doesn't show up , As a result, the promotion effect can not be presented .

In fact, we often use it , And popular Q & a promotion platforms are just a few .

such as : Baidu knows 、 sogou 、 You know 、 And Wukong, etc . According to our statistics , Included good is Baidu know 、 sogou 、360. If the content of the question and answer contains , In its search engine will have a better ranking , With ranking, our Q & A will be more widely exposed .

that , Xu Guoxiang from all over the world will talk to you about how to do Q & a promotion today , What's the trick .

 How to do professional Q & a promotion ? What's the trick ?

1. Account problem

Before we do Q & a promotion , We have to apply for multiple accounts on the platform , Of course, if you have an old account, it's best . Don't ask multiple similar questions for each account , This is easy to attract the attention of the platform and lead to the title , The same account can't answer more than three similar questions in a day .

If it's the identity of the brand, it answers the question , The avatar and name of the account can be set to be associated with the corporate brand . If it's a simulated user , You don't need to .

Also pay attention to the maintenance of account number , You can't just ask and answer yourself , You need to answer other questions on the platform , This helps to upgrade your account .

2. Ask and answer

The first thing to pay attention to is IP problem ," ask " and " answer " It can't be the same IP Address . also , It's better to have 10 Minutes or so . Because the platform itself will have a recommendation mechanism , Your questions will be recommended to users who respond to similar questions for a long time , Of course, if someone answers, you answer , Then take your answer , Remember to change ip.

When setting the question and answer content , It's best to think from the perspective of consumers . This can refer to the relevant search and drop-down , Generally, the displayed questions are frequently asked by customers .

Don't be too professional in answering questions , Take a used consumer as a positive answer . Today's users are smart , Too professional is the water army . If you have to answer professional words , It can be written at the bottom , Reference material : Baidu Encyclopedia .

3. Moderate advertising

The account should not be advertised continuously , This will cause reports from peers or users . And the new account should pay attention to answer, do not include any information of the company : Telephone 、 website . This will generally be blocked or deleted . If you want to bring a URL , The best account level should be above level 7 , The content of the website should be related to the content of the answer , To explain in an extended manner or explanation , And make sure that the link opens .

The follow-up questions after a question and answer should be consistent with the user experience as much as possible , Don't come up. It's the website and the phone , If the advertising intention is too obvious, it will be reported , Baidu Zhima will delete the problem .

 How to do professional Q & a promotion ? What's the trick ?

The above three points are the key points of Q & a promotion , besides , Xu Guoxiang also suggested that we make records in the form of statements . Whether it's account number or question and answer content , Because the number of accounts involved will be more , The diversity of Q & a content , If you don't record it in time, it's easy to confuse , Finally, it will affect the promotion work

The purpose of Q & a promotion is to promote and sell , This process will take time , I hope you can explore in practice , Think from the perspective of users . Or don't want to worry about , Want to harvest the effect easily , You can choose to find the whole net world , We offer you the best !
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