Monthly payment, decide on what path to follow, and where to pay for other software under Alipay and WeChat payment.
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I don't know what kind of career you guys are engaged in , Small editor's job is not high salary , Running around the world , Now technology is advanced , It's not like it used to be , Now basically, you can go out with a mobile phone , At dinner , Take out , When you stay, book a hotel online , You can also book tickets online , It saves us the time to wait in line , Combined with my own travel experience , Let me tell you about the two major software I often use ( It's not advertising ).

 Monthly payment 、 Take the flowers , Under the payment of Alipay and WeChat , Where to pay for other software

First , Let's talk about meituan software , This software is familiar to everyone , When I first used it , Is in 16 About years ago , I came to Tianjin from a small place , At that time, code scanning payment and takeout were just emerging , That's the city , Start to use the take away business slowly , At that time , Accommodation is basically fixed , Basically not using hotel business , There are also a lot of people who eat goods, friends , Will use coupons for gourmet food on it , It's quite cost-effective , These two years , With the powerful online payment function , In the case of Alipay and WeChat monopolizing the market , Meituan also launched corresponding business — Meituan monthly payment , At the beginning , The monthly payment to me is not too high , There is only a 500 element , Later, he often went on business , Take out accommodation is used more often , Now the quota is up to 2400 element , Because it's used first , Next month's 8 No. to start repaying , It has the same function as Huabei , I'm here for more business trips , This is a good feature .

 Monthly payment 、 Take the flowers , Under the payment of Alipay and WeChat , Where to pay for other software

then , Accommodation , The software I usually use is qunar , It seems to have been acquired by Ctrip , Because relatively speaking , The price of this software hotel is relative to that of meituan , It's cheaper , Because I got a membership card , The same hotel , My price is several yuan less than that of my colleagues , For people who travel every day , It saves a lot of money in a month . alike , Quna also launched the business of taking flowers , When booking rooms online , It can be used to remove flowers , And next month's 15 Repayment is in progress , The repayment period is longer than meituan and Huabei , For long-term business travelers , This kind of material benefits can not be accounted for .

 Monthly payment 、 Take the flowers , Under the payment of Alipay and WeChat , Where to pay for other software

For the friends who often go on business , On a business trip , At the same time, we should also pay attention to our health , After all, eating well and living well will make you healthy , It's the only way , The family will rest assured that we are away on business .

Dear friends , When you're on a business trip , What kind of payment method will you choose , Comments are welcome 、 Focus on .