What if the website is mirrored
Cool sunset 2020-11-27 07:18:03

Image problems are common in large websites , Because the update speed is slow , Find out why it's difficult , Easy to be black hat SEO Stare at . If the site is mirrored , In addition to the impact of the site included , Many even point links from mirror sites to special sites , At the same time, it will also have a certain impact on the brand of the website .

So if you find that the website is mirrored , How to solve it ?

Here are a few easy to understand and easy to operate :

1. The first time to submit and feedback to Baidu

a) Baidu reporting platform to report ( If the mirror site has illegal content , Reporting is more effective )

b) You can search the results directly in the , Here's the picture

 What if the website is mirrored

2. Block the mirror website ip Domain name

Space settings can only be accessed through domain names ,ip Cannot access ( The mirror dog basically uses the program to crawl the website ip To mirror ) If the site image is not a full site copy , It's done by parsing , Then you can check the mirror website ip, Or use your server Defense Software , Cloud lock 、 Safety dogs are blacklisted . If you're using a virtual host , So you can use a third party defense , Such as 360 Website guard 、 Baidu cloud acceleration , You can also put an end to mirror websites .

3. Use Baidu cloud or accelerate music and other hidden websites ip

4. Server website directory protection

The site forbids other scripts from running ,php and asp All can be set

5. Crawler restrictions

Monitor web crawlers , Ban some non mainstream search engine crawlers

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